16 Things You've Definitely Said To Your Little

  1. “We were meant for each other”
  2. “I love spoiling you”
  3. “You are my other half”
  4. “No, you are not dropping out of school because that means you would have to leave me”
  5. “Did you bring the wine?”
  6. “I can’t imagine life without you”
  7. “You’re wearing too much makeup”
  8. “You’re going to do amazing things in this world little one”
  9. “I love you”
  10. “I need to meet him!”
  11. “If he breaks your heart, I’ll break him”
  12. “I can’t take you anywhere in public”
  13. “Did you watch the last Bachelor?”
  14. “Don’t Lick that”
  15. “You’re being a brat”
  16. “You are the little sister I never had”

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