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[A]nything [B]ut [C]lothes – The ABC Mixer!

Nothing says DIY more than an ABC mixer! You will need creativity, everyday objects, and LOTS of duct tape to pull this off. But it’s easy!

  • First, select an everyday object. Some commonly used items are trash bags, bubble-wrap, duct tape, post-it notes, flags, street signs, candy wrappers, cereal boxes, sheets, curtains, toilet paper, balloons, wrapping paper, towels etc. The options are endless.
  • You will need to decide how you want to wear your everyday object. It could be made into a skirt, a shirt, a dress, anything! Use other everyday objects to hold your outfit together too. For example, making a belt of out trash bags to tie around your waist if you choose to make a pillow case dress.
  • Don’t forget to make sure your outfit is comfortable. Test your materials out and make sure they don’t tear or easily fall apart. I recommend using a base, like a trash bag, pillow case or curtain, that you can easily glue, tape or staple other materials to.

[A]nything [B]ut [C]lothes – The ABC Mixer![A]nything [B]ut [C]lothes – The ABC Mixer![A]nything [B]ut [C]lothes – The ABC Mixer![A]nything [B]ut [C]lothes – The ABC Mixer![A]nything [B]ut [C]lothes – The ABC Mixer!

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