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Boom Set Spike! How Tulane Pi Phi's Plan Philanthropy

Arrowspike, Pi Phi’s annual volleyball tournament is one of the most fun and exciting philanthropy events of the year! The tournament is in support of Firstbook, an amazing non-profit organization that provides new books for children in need.

Boom Set Spike! How Tulane Pi Phi’s Plan PhilanthropyWhen organizing a philanthropy event for your sorority, it’s really important that you pick a theme everyone can enjoy, make sure to plan in advance, and spread the word! We always want to make the best of our beautiful New Orleans weather so sticking with this annual outdoor activity was a no-brainer! In the weeks leading up to Arrowspike, we made sure everyone on campus got excited!

Boom Set Spike! How Tulane Pi Phi’s Plan Philanthropy
Here’s our own Stylista, Alison, showing off the Pie-a- Pi Phi Booth!

A big part of a successful philanthropy event is to get everyone in your sorority to participate. Organization is key. We created an Arrowspike Committee, where each of us divided into teams for food vendors, raffle prizes, banner-making, and team sign-ups. **Sisters signed up for time slots throughout the week to sit at a sign-up table.

Using social media is a great way to get people excited. We made sure to change our profile pictures and cover photos on Facebook so even more people would know about the big day! We had bold, colorful banners that we displayed at our house, around campus, and at Arrowspike. Boom Set Spike! How Tulane Pi Phi’s Plan PhilanthropyIt was so important that we added activities for everyone- even if they weren’t on a volleyball team. We reached out to awesome DJs to play throughout the event, set up a Pie-A-Pi Phi booth, ordered delicious food, and designed custom tanks and sunglasses to sell! All of our efforts before the event made sure that the day was not only tons of fun for everyone, but also raised a lot of money for an amazing cause!

Boom Set Spike! How Tulane Pi Phi’s Plan Philanthropy

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