Foods Your Skin Will Love!

This article covers easily accessible foods that help give you glowing skin.

It’s no secret that every girl wants the elusive “glow” to their skin. What the real secret seems to be is how do we get it? Yes we can fake it with our bronzers and highlighters and so on, but the ultimate goal is getting that natural glow to your skin. Of course a great skincare regimen will help, but I’ve found that naturally glowing skin starts from the inside out. Adding these skin-loving foods to your diet will get your skin glowing in no time!

Foods Your Skin Will Love!
Almonds are delicious and great for your skin! [Photo credit

While being college students lends itself to some challenges in maintaining a healthy diet, these foods are bound to be in your cafeteria.

1) Almonds: A serving provides a boost of vitamin E, which helps prevent your skin from harmful sun rays and other environmental factors that can damage your skin.

2) Carrots:** They contain vitamin A which helps in clearing the outer layer of your skin where pores get clogged and lead to breakouts.

3) Spinach and Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Leafy greens like spinach will help cell turnover, which basically means your skin will be brighter and wrinkle-free for longer. Olive oil will help keep your skin calm and hydrated. They’re great to add to your salad!

4) Green Tea: Helps soothe redness and swelling. It’s a great alternative to your morning coffee.

5) Avocados and Fish: One of the absolute best ways to get glowing skin naturally is through foods like these filled with fatty acids.

6) Dark Chocolate: If some of these foods don’t sound overly appetizing, don’t quit because you can always treat your skin to a little sweetness! The antioxidants found in dark chocolate help smooth out roughness in skin.

Foods Your Skin Will Love!
Drinking water is so important!

Lastly, I have to stress the importance of drinking water and lots of it! Not only will it definitely give you a glow, but it has countless other benefits to your overall health.

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