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10 Things Your Sorority House Definitely Needs

If you’re in a sorority that has a house - whether on or off campus - consider yourself lucky. Not all universities will allow their sororities and fraternities to have private housing. This could be for many reasons; whether the school itself wants students to live in their residence halls so that they make more money or they don’t want to single organizations out if they all cannot afford a house.

And if you are one of the lucky ones who has sorority housing, you’ll shout from the rooftops that your house is the prettiest house in all the land. While that can be true, I think we can all agree that our houses would be better if we added a few more things to them.

1. Private swimming pools.

No more having to trudge across campus with your sisters to catch a couple hours of sun before your next philanthropy event. Imagine how great it would be to open your back doors after a long day of classes and see all your best friends just waiting for you, on the slide or in the hot tub.

10 Things Your Sorority House Definitely Needs

2. Fully-loaded workout rooms.

Some houses have small workout rooms - and when I say small, I’m not kidding. I mean it’s a 10 by 10 room with a treadmill and a stationary bike. What if we turn those old dusty basements or attics into a full-size gym, equipped with at least 3 of each machine?

10 Things Your Sorority House Definitely Needs

3. Keurigs. Everywhere.

At least two per floor in the house. No more having to leave the house 10 minutes early to grab Starbs before class or run to the nearest 24/7 coffee shop at 2am during finals week. OH and complimentary to-go cups would be a great addition too.

10 Things Your Sorority House Definitely Needs

4. Mobile charging stations.

Whether you’re eating breakfast before class or catching up on the latest The Bachelorette drama, sometimes you just need a quick 5 minute charge and it’s not worth running to your room to get your charger - even worse when you don’t live in the house and your phone’s about to die but you’re texting that cute boy from last weekend.

10 Things Your Sorority House Definitely Needs
If Coachella can do it, why can’t sororities?

5. Rooftop patio.

How cute would it be, filled with lights and lounge chairs for Taco Tuesdays on the roof? And throw some of our big Lilly letters on the roof so everyone who passes by knows whose house it is. Sisterhood events could be held there - and there could be cool plants and things. Maybe even turn it into a miniature golf course like they did in One Tree Hill?

10 Things Your Sorority House Definitely Needs

6. A soundproof music room.

For whether you’re in the school’s marching band and need to practice that rockin’ tuba solo at 4am or if you’re just wanting to belt some Christina Perri. All we really need is a square room with a music stand, some chairs, a microphone, maybe an old piano and you can call it good.

10 Things Your Sorority House Definitely Needs

7. Home theater.

Complete with only the flattest of flat screens and surround sound. From watching football games to hosting pledge class get-togethers, this would be the most popular room in the house. Throw a popcorn machine in there and I could sure live in there for a while.

10 Things Your Sorority House Definitely Needs

8. In-home library/study room.

Two if you’re feeling extra special. One wing could be a 24-hour quiet zone while the other wing would be a group study area, with tables rather than desks. Printers (with paper and ink free of charge) would be available in this room as well. No more having to drag your semester’s worth of work to the library during finals week when it’s one floor below your bedroom!

10 Things Your Sorority House Definitely Needs

9. Craft room.

Imagine how less stressed every girl would be during Big/Little week if there was a room solely dedicated to getting covered in paint and glitter? Give a sorority girl a room with some paint and a table and she’ll be there for ages.

10 Things Your Sorority House Definitely Needs
Of course there’s no way a craft room would stay this pretty for long - no need for the decorations when it will soon be covered in paint.

10. No rules on pets.

Whether it’s a house pet, someone is pet sitting, or they spontaneously got a dog, I vote that we lift the rules on animals in sorority houses. It’d be like going to Puppy Zone every day, except you would never have to leave the house.

10 Things Your Sorority House Definitely Needs
Try and tell me you wouldn’t be happy waking up to this face every morning.

Okay so maybe some of these are a bit extreme for college students to need in their sorority house, but just imagine how amazing it would be - you’d want to live there all four years if possible! Although my house doesn’t have all of these things, I’m more than happy with the fact that simply have a place to call home. (And I’m thankful I don’t have to live in a dorm ever again.)

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