25 Things Only Brunettes Can Understand

  1. When playing dress up, you never got to be Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella.
  2. There are very few things that will make you more angry than when a dirty blonde claims she’s brunette.
  3. Upper-lip hair. Or any facial hair, for that matter. If the light hits you at a bad angle, every little hair becomes 25 times more noticeable.
  4. There’s no such thing as a day without having to shave.
  5. You’ll never know what it’s like to be a blonde bombshell.
  6. Okay, you can dye your hair – but just wait a week until those evil dark roots start to appear.
  7. You could never dye a streak of your hair hot pink or baby blue. It just never showed up, no matter how much you try.
  8. It’s nearly impossible to skip a day of showering and hide your greasy hair.
  9. Dry shampoo? Baby powder? Makes you look like Cruella de Vil, honey.
  10. Your friends will never put a princess emoji by your name (no matter how much of a princess you are) because she’s blonde.
  11. Arm hair. Either you learn to live with it or you shave it – and you shave it every day for the rest of eternity.
  12. Bobby pins get lost in your hair for days simply because they’re the same color as your hair.
  13. The dark color captures the sunshine in the summer and it constantly feels like your head is melting.
  14. One gray hair is so much more noticeable on a brunette than a blonde.
  15. Forget the white shirts, unless you want to show the world your shedding problem.
  16. You try to spice up your hair color and instead of saying “brown,” you call it “espresso” or “French Roast.”
  17. Braids are cool and all, but they look so much better on blondes because of the contrast. Admit it.
  18. “Blondes have more fun.” Yeah, okay.
  19. You’ve spent hours changing your hair color on PhotoShop because you know it’s pointless to actually dye it when it will only last for two weeks tops.
  20. There’s like a 99% chance you also have brown eyes.
  21. Unless you’re the lucky 1% with blue or green eyes; and in that case, your brown hair looks so much more gorgeous than a girl with brown hair and brown eyes.
  22. Excuse me… um, you have a little bit of dandruff. Or is that snow on your head? Oh, it’s summertime. Awkward.
  23. Split ends are so much more noticeable. They’re basically a whole different color than the rest of your hair.
  24. If your eyebrow game is strong, it just makes you look like a mean person. RBF, ladies.
  25. Even if you identify more with Serena, your blonde best friend will always tell you that you have to be Blair because you’re the brunette.

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