37 Signs You're A Southern College Girl

Let me just say this: coming from the west and going to school in the south was a huge change. I knew it would be… but there were things that I never thought would be any different than back home. Here are 37 signs you’re a southern college girl.

  1. On hot summer days, you rock a pair of Norts and when winter rolls around, you wear leggings, leggings, and more leggings.
  2. You own at least one pair of Nikes that are too vibrant, yet go with every outfit, and have never seen the inside of a gym.
  3. The most important lesson to learn: the bigger the shirt, the better. Seriously. You wear a small when you shop at Hollister? Buy your comfort colors in a large.
  4. Pearls are everywhere. No matter the outfit, you don’t step out without a pair of pearl studs in your ears and you break out the pearl necklace on the weekends.
  5. Monograms. Need I say more? On your shirts, on your backpack, on your school supplies, on your walls, on your phone, on your rain boots…
  6. Chik-fil-a becomes the hangout spot for you and your girlfriends. Lunch time? Catch you at Chik-fil-a at 9pm? Good thing Chik-fil-a’s open for another hour.
  7. Lilly Pulitzer is a must – but being a college student, let’s face it, you can basically only afford to buy her planners and phone cases… and then you act as if you and Lilly are best friends.
  8. You own more koozies than you know what to do with.
  9. It’s a love/hate relationship with camo… either you love it and can rock it or you turn away in disgust whenever you see it.
  10. You go to class looking as if you just rolled out of bed (and let’s face it, you probably did) – but then you get all done up for the weekends.
  11. Saturdays in the fall are reserved for tailgating and football games.
  12. You can always find use for a good ol’ Mason jar.
  13. Crafting isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.
  14. Cowboy boots work with any outfit, rain or shine. And you probably own a brown pair, a black pair, a red pair, some funky patterned pair, and yet you always find a need to buy another pair.
  15. Speaking of boots, LL Bean’s and Hunter boots are a necessity.
  16. When spring break rolls around, PCB is the #1 place you go.
  17. You buy sweet tea by the gallon.
  18. Summers are spent at a lake house with your closest friends.
  19. Hunting is a way of father/daughter bonding.
  20. You know what people truly mean when they say “bless your heart.”
  21. Party Saturday night, church Sunday morning.
  22. At least half of your bank account has been spent at Cookout, although you’d hate to admit it.
  23. Although you root for your university’s team every Saturday, your true team is your high school football team – which you aren’t ashamed to admit that you still follow their stats throughout the seasons.
  24. You don’t know how to dress_, or let alone function,_ in anything colder than 50 degrees.
  25. North Face and Columbia and Patagonia are your favorite brands.
  26. Lazy day? No such thing. Leggings, boots, oversized sweater, curled hair, makeup: always on point.
  27. Regardless of if you like sports or not, Saturday becomes your favorite day of the week and fall becomes your favorite season.
  28. No one tailgates better than your favorite fraternity.
  29. You only go on hikes or anywhere in nature so you can take cute photos for Insta.
  30. You’ve argued about which is better, Zaxby’s or Chik-fil-a, more times than you want to remember.
  31. There’s nothing that could bring on an anxiety attack better than finding out if your team is Bowl eligible.
  32. I lied. Finding out what Bowl game your team is in is equivalent to the world ending.
  33. It’s easy for you to differentiate between accents and know where someone is from just by hearing them say one sentence.
  34. Sundays are spent with church, brunch, family time, and studying.
  35. Your dad’s your best friend, he’s your father when he’s scary, and he’s your daddy when you want something.
  36. You look forward to holiday seasons simply for grandma’s cookies, mom’s dinners, and arguing with your siblings.
  37. Admit it: you’ve done things you’re not proud of… but we all have, and feeling guilty about it won’t get you anywhere in life. Smile and move on.

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