Dear Future Little

Dear Future Little,

First of all, I believe congratulations are in order - you survived sorority recruitment and found your new home! You probably thought all the crazy and weird would be over now, right? WRONG. That was just the beginning. Now you get to go on dates with countless girls until you find the one you want to be your Big (or if you’re like me, until you find someone who can put up with your constant crying, corny jokes, and endless sass).

Most likely, these dates will feel like you’re going through recruitment all over again. You’ll probably meet at Panera or Starbucks and chat for an hour. It’ll be awkward at first as you sip on your iced coffee and you go over the lame (sorry not sorry) conversations such as your major, hometown, why you chose to go Greek. And soon, when you find the girl who’s right for you, you’ll be talking about anything and everything - from the names you have picked out for your future corgis to your pet peeve of people who pronounce the S in Illinois.

I hope that when I pick you up from your dorm to drive to dinner, we click right away. I hope that we bond over my choice of music or the kind of car I drive. I hope that we fall in love and you realize I am the one you want to help you through this new chapter in your life. If I could promise you 10 things before I even meet you:

  1. I promise to lift you up when you are down.
  2. I promise to be by your side at every football and baseball game.
  3. I promise to kidnap you at midnight for Sonic runs when you need a study break, regardless of your 8am exam the next day.
  4. I promise to laugh at all your jokes, no matter how many times you tell it wrong.
  5. I promise to answer your phone calls at any time of the day, especially when you need a ride to Cookout.
  6. I promise to sing loudly in the car and embarrass you on every road trip we take.
  7. I promise to send you only the ugliest of SnapChats and not yell at you when you screenshot them.
  8. I promise to not get annoyed when you ask me to retake your photo 17 times because you didn’t like your hair.
  9. I promise to try and help you with all your problems, from books to boys.
  10. I promise to be your best friend.

Future Little, you’ve been on my mind since I got my Big. And although I can’t craft (sorry about that one), I want you to know that I can and will shower you in endless amounts of love. I want you to know that with me and the rest of our sisters, you are in for the best four years of your life. We won’t let anything hurt you or bring you down; you will be cherished by plenty and loved by all.

Dear Future Little
Get excited - because soon you’ll be in a family as crazy as this one.


Your Future Big

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