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When Your Family Goes Alum

The moment I was brought into our crazy family, I was taken under these wings and shown the ropes. From meetings to chapter dinners to sisterhood events, it was guaranteed that I would have a seat reserved with my name on it.

When Your Family Goes Alum

Although I might not have been able to spend my four years with you, the time we shared was unforgettable; and I would like to say a few things to you, my family:

  1. Thank you. These two words will never be able to express my gratitude enough. I was always guaranteed a hug when I’d see you around campus or in the house. You were there when I’d hit rock bottom and you were there when I’d fly high. You’ve given me wings and confidence with all of your love and support. I will be forever grateful that you chose me to be the next addition; thank you for being my second family.
  2. You are my role model(s). I hope that by the time I leave the chapter, I will have been as successful and as loved as you. You have left such an impact on the girls and I could not imagine my time here without you although it was short. You’ve carried yourself with beauty and grace through each moment here and I strive to be like you one day.
  3. I (already) miss you. Whether it was for a late night run to Cookout or a mid-week grocery shopping trip, you would always be by my side. It still hasn’t hit me that you’re not in our chapter anymore - but I know, it’s for life - I’m just expecting to waltz into the house and receive one of your fabulous hugs.
  4. I love you. This year has been indescribable, to say the least. It included crazy adventures, wild football games, girls nights, and plenty of dinner dates. With every lesson learned (and the lessons I’ll never learn), a new memory was gained.

However, this is not goodbye. It never will be; I’m sorry, but I’m not that easy to get rid of. And although I won’t see you every Monday, I know this is just the beginning of our next adventures together. Thank you for being my role model(s) for the past year, I already miss you, and I love you.

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