Separation Anxiety: What To Do When Your Big Goes Abroad

Your big has just gotten the news. She’s been accepted to her study abroad program! You squeal and jump up and down with her as the vision of jetting to Far Far Away, Europe dances in her head. You’re pretending to be happy, like this isn’t at all upsetting you. But inside all you can think is_ why is this happening to me!?_

How will you ever be able to live without your big for a whole semester? It’s even worse than her graduating, because not only is she leaving you but ALSO, you don’t think Verzion will let you text from “across the pond” without charging outrageous rates.

Not to fear! Although this will be a dark, dark time in your existence, there are ways to cope!

1. Navigate communications.

Whether it’s with an international texting app, FaceTiming, or resorting to Facebook messaging, find a method to communicate with your big if she can’t use her regular phone services overseas.

2. Pick a time each week to catch up.

Being in different places and different time zones can make it difficult to keep in touch, especially if both of you are super busy! Make time to chat so you don’t get overly deprived of your big and go into total withdraw.

3. Distract yourself.

Of course your big is your best friend, but you have countless other sisters to pick up the slack while she’s gone! Take the time apart to strengthen relationships with other girls in your family or chapter (nobody will replace your big but you have to try!)

4. Stalk a little.

If you go into extreme withdraw, and can’t talk to your big, you can always stalk her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Send her messages or make comments she’ll see eventually so she knows you care (it’s not creepy if it’s your big, it is your right as a little!)

Keep powering through and repeating these steps until the wonderful day your big returns to you. It may be hard to be apart, but this is an important dream and opportunity for your big! In the end, all that matters is that she gets to do something she really wants, and that you’ll be there with open arms when she gets back!

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