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Taking a Page Out of a Sister's Book

Taking a Page Out of a Sister’s Book
My chapter, Theta Upsilon, has shown me what being a Greek woman and a Sigma Kappa is all about.

We all know why we joined our chapters. It was that warm fuzzy feeling we got at pref parties when we looked around at the women trying to recruit us and thought wow, this is something I need to be a part of. And it is your specific chapter of your sorority that drew you in. Yes, maybe you connect with the national philanthropy or you know you should love this sorority because your mother/sister/great grandmother was in it. But ultimately, this specific group of women convinced you that these were the letters you should be wearing.

Taking a Page Out of a Sister’s Book
Sigma Kappas from Bowling Green State University and University of Findlay united for Founder’s Day.

But just because your chapter is the one you know you click with doesn’t mean there aren’t things to learn from other chapters of your sorority! Recently Sigma Kappa celebrated our 140th Founder’s Day. Not only did I attend my own chapter’s celebration, but our neighboring chapter, Epsilon Eta at the University of Findlay, extended to us an invitation to commemorate the day together. It was an exciting and unique experience to meet women who were both strangers and my sisters. While we had never met, it was easy to find common ground and interesting to compare similarities and differences between our two chapters. It is so amazing to spend time with another chapter of your sorority; though you share so much in common there are still many things they do differently. Whether it be traditions, how positions are handled or divided, or just creative ways to keep chapter attention or hold national standard events, there is so much that chapters can learn from each other. I feel blessed to have been able to connect with my sisters at another university, and so glad I did because now both of our chapters want to do more activities together.

Taking a Page Out of a Sister’s Book
Sigma Kappa Theta Upsilon and Epsilon Eta throwing what they know! SLAM!

My challenge, to you as sorority women, is to reach out. Find another chapter of your sorority in your area and connect with them! Have a movie night, a sisterhood, a joint social, or even a ceremony together! Though strangers, you never know what you can learn from them, or what they can learn from you, and you never know what unexpected friends you could make! I encourage everyone to celebrate sisterhood with every sister you can, you’ll never realize how rewarding it feels until you try!!

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