It's a Bowtastic Day: Sigma Kappa Big Little Reveal

After a week of crafting and gift giving – there is nothing more exciting than the day of reveal! It’s a Bowtastic Day: Sigma Kappa Big Little RevealNew members of the sorority are curious to find out who their new family is, while the bigs are filled with excitement, ready to welcome their new adorable littles.

Sigma Kappa at Clemson this year decided there was no better way to do reveal than with BOWS! Each big was told to make two bows, one for their little and one for them. The littles were given one bow and told to wait in one room while all the bigs gathered in another one.

All the bigs hid under a blanket with nothing visible except for the bow. The littles came in and went off to find their matching bow, standing inches in front of their big. Once every little found their matching bow all the bigs dropped their blankets.

The noise in the room was filled with screams and cries of joy. Big and little hugged and massive amounts of pictures were taken. It was a fabulous reveal and I could not be more excited to welcome my little Kayla into my family!

It’s a Bowtastic Day: Sigma Kappa Big Little Reveal

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