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It's A Date Dash!

One of my favorite parts of being in a sorority is getting to dress up and go to date functions! I have an obsession with shoes, heels especially, so whenever I get the chance to wear them I do. You have to find the perfect shoes, the perfect dress, and most importantly the perfect date! However, I know a lot of girls that always struggle with who to take as a date. Here are some pointers:

The guy friend

This is the guy that you most likely met freshman year and hit it off right away with. He’s fun to hang with and isn’t afraid to bust a move on the dance floor. Usually he understands the relationship between you is platonic (if not lay down some ground rules) so there will be no pressure. He can also be a great wing man if someone at the function does catch your eye.

It’s A Date Dash!

The cute guy in your class

This is the guy you keep eyeing in your psych class because he is super cute and smart. You might flirt from across the room and see each other out at a party and chat. If he seems to be into you, why not grab a seat next to him and strike up a casual conversation. It’ll be a fun time since you know he’s cute and there’s a spark between y’all.

The blind date

This is the guy your friend is dying to set you up with because you two would be perfect together. This can be a little intimidating and awkward but if your friend really knows both your personalities it should end up good! Do a little Facebook stalking and find more about him.

The mutual setup

This is when you bribe your guy friend to set you up with his hot friend in exchange for setting him up with one of your sisters. That way your guy friend has hope and you get to meet new people too!

The group date

This normally occurs when one of your girlfriends is dating a guy/with a guy and she gets all of his fraternity brothers to come with her sisters. It then becomes a mini party at the pregame where everyone gets to know each other and when y’all go to the function, people will already know a lot of people there.

It’s A Date Dash!

The fling

This is the guy you may or may not have already brought to a function and you might have gone to his. You find each other attractive but aren’t sure what the situation between y’all is. You feel comfortable with him and know it’ll be fun.

The boyfriend

Well duh, if you have one you better be taking him unless he’s 3,000 miles away!

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