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Get Your Craft On With Customized Letters

With fall semester starting, I’ve been thinking of creative ways to decorate - while maintaining my crafty composure. I will be posting cute craft ideas throughout the semester to help those who are having “creative block”. The first idea is simple and easy. Every sorority girl needs to have letters in their room. I decided to incorporate the chevron trend with my letters, and I was able to do it with ease! Follow the three easy steps below, and you can have stylish letters in your dorm room, too!

  • Step 1: Go to any local craft store and purchase letters of your sorority in wood or thick cardstock
  • Step 2: With a ruler and pencil, draw zig zag lines up-and-down the letters, approximately 1 inch wide
  • Step 3: Fill in every other line with a different color paint, and let dry! To hang, pick up a pack of 3M adhesive backed hanging hooks, stick to the back of the letters, and voila!

Get Your Craft On With Customized Letters

As you see above, I chose to work with mint green and white - but any color scheme will work! Just have fun with it. PS: This makes a perfect gift for your sorority sisters!

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