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Halloween Costumes: The Huntress

Last Halloween I wanted to do something besides be the typical “sexy cat” or “sexy sailor,” so I roamed around Walmart waiting for an idea to come to me. I found myself in the hunting section and thought, “I could totally make an outfit out of this stuff!”

Halloween Costumes: The HuntressWhat you need:

  • A camo tshirt (I got a size small because it was a men’s)
  • An orange hunting vest (it was a one size fits all)
  • Orange shorts (I had some Soffee’s laying around from my cheerleadering days)
  • Camo colored duck tape
  • Scissors
  • Tall white socks
  • Work boots (I am a women’s size 6 so I got a kids pair at Walmart for pretty cheap)

What to do:

Halloween Costumes: The Huntress

  1. I cut about an inch off around the neck to make it looser
  2. Cut the bottom of the shirt to the length you want it (I made it so it was slightly longer than a crop top)
  3. I then made three slits along the chest area in a decreasing width
  4. For the skirt, tie it around your hips using the velcro, and then use the camo tape to tape up the arm holes and add a little design to it
  5. I slide on my Soffee’s underneath since it was short on the sides
  6. Put on the socks and boot and you are ready to go hunting!

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