The Sigma Kappa Big/Little Series: Finding the Perfect Little!

*Note my little, Tiffany, and I are both Stylistas at Clemson University and are going to do a series of complementary blogs.

The summer going into my sophomore year, I spent all of my free time crafting for my future little. Even though I had no idea who this girl would be or if she even existed, I made sure that all of her gifts were amazing! I wrapped them all up, shipped them to Clemson, and when they arrived, the majority of the gifts were broken to the point where I could not fix any of them! I was devastated. I had to go out and buy all new stuff to re-craft. My roommate and I would stay up all night crafting, even after the long days of recruitment, and I finally finished the new set of gifts!

The Sigma Kappa Big/Little Series: Finding the Perfect Little!When Bid day finally came and we got our new pledge class, I spent hours Facebook stalking the new doves. I made lists of who I felt I had things in common with and who I thought would be a cute, potential little. I gave the list to the new member educator and when I did, she asked me if I would consider taking twins because it was a large pledge class. I told her how I didn’t want to take twins because I wasn’t even sure if I would find one little, never mind two, and how I had to re-craft already! Sigma Kappa has a mutual selection process for Bigs and Littles, so I had 9 heart sisters (“littles of the week” essentially) that I got to know. I wanted a little that would be able to look up to me, but be able to help me out as well. I wanted to feel comfortable with her and be able to share my secrets with her. She obviously had to be fun and cute, but also real and honest, not fake.


The Sigma Kappa Big/Little Series: Finding the Perfect Little!

My second heart sister ended up being Tiffany, my little. I remember stalking her on Facebook and liking that she wasn’t afraid to have goofy photos up and that she had a strong bond with her family. I ended up getting to take her out to Rush Blow Out (which is boys bid day and the end of dry period, so the Fraternities have huge parties) and we got on stage with Bubba Sparx! She was a blast and I knew that I had found my little right then and there. Even thought I had 7 more heart sisters to go, I made sure to keep in touch with her and even had my big come out to dinner with us to see if she would really fit into our family.

During the heart sister process, my friend and hallmate Rachel, suggested that I meet her heart sister of the week Megan, because she felt that we would get along well. We had a mixer coming up (a mixer is when 2 sororities and 2 fraternities rent out a restaurant downtown and host an exclusive themed party) and I made it a point to find her there, because well, why not?


The Sigma Kappa Big/Little Series: Finding the Perfect Little!

The theme of the mixer was biker bash and when I met Megan we had matching sharpie tattoos! We hit it off right away and spent the majority of the night together dancing it up and laughing. I immediately requested her as a heart sister and had my big come to our dinner as well. When we dropped Megan off, I turned to my big and said “What do I do?” I was at a total crossroads because I was not expecting to take twins. My big took twins (I am a twin) so she had a little experience on the whole issue. I decided that I would take them both as twins if they both wanted me and I kept in touch with both of them.

One night about 2 weeks away from Big/Little reveal, the new member educator came to my room to show me a long text message from Megan. She was concerned about who to put down for her top choice as a Big because Tiffany ended up living on her hall freshman year and she knew that Tiffany wanted me to be her big as well. I told Anna, the new member educator, to tell her to put her favorite as her Big and not worry about who Tiffany wanted.

I almost got away with hiding the fact that I was going to take them both as twins until one night when my roommate accidentally was talking to loud to me in the elevator that “both of my future littles were here.” We were all in the elevator and it got kinda awkward and quite to I screamed “SURPRISE I’M YOUR BIG” and grabbed them into a big group hug! (this was after we ranked our preferences)

The Sigma Kappa Big/Little Series: Finding the Perfect Little!

The actual day of reveal was a bittersweet moment, as only Megan could attend the Dr. Seuss themed event. Tiffany was back home in NJ due to a family emergency and when Megan pulled off the blanket I was hiding under we embraced in a happy, yet saddened state that she couldn’t be here for the reveal. When Tiffany came, the dynasty was complete! Having littles is awesome! I never had any siblings growing up but I love that I now have a big sister and two littles! I am fiercely protective of them and am always glad to help them out with anything they need. I feel like I see myself in my littles; Megan and I both over-think the situations all the time, yet we are always on top of things and ready to organize events (like family dinners), while Tiffany and I both can get a little crazy at parties, but we always manage to get everyone home safely. We all love to get dressed up for themes and show our Clemson pride as well!

My sorority family is huge, we have 11 people in it currently and are hoping to add 5 more this semester! I can’t believe I am going to be a grandbig!

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