Style Report: The North vs The South!

I’m from Massachusetts and sorority and fraternity life are not super big up in the north, so when I decided to go south for college I needed to decide if I was going to rush. I personally felt like sorority life in the south was bigger than just finding a group of friends for yourself, so I decided to go through recruitment. With it came a whirl win of new brands, colors, and style that I never would have expected.

Style Report: The North vs The South!

#1. Use of color

  • The South LOVES color. Anything brightly colored, patterned/printed, or pastel is a huge thumbs up for the south. If it is a Lilly Pulitzer dress, even better! Wearing Jack Rogers (flat sandals) with it? You’ll fit right in. To top if off, add anything with your monogram on it (a monogram for the northerners is your first name initial, last name initial, then middle name initial).
  • The North SWEARS BY neutrals. The trick in the north is to blend in. People would stare at me if I walked around a campus or a city in a bright pink flower patterned dress! My best friend Maura (the red head to the right) joined a sorority in the north and they stick by neutral colors such as black, tan, blue, white, or brown.

#2. Getting causal

  • The South takes casual to another level. When I first walked around Clemson campus, there where tons of girls walking around in large over sized T-shirts and you could hardly see their shorts! I didn’t understand why this was so popular, but if you look close at the shirts with pockets, lovingly called frockets, you will see that they are function shirts from the sorority or fraternity event that they attended. Pair them with brightly colored norts (Nike running shorts) and either Nike sneakers, Jacks, or Rainbow flip-flops and you are going to be the perfect srat star! We also like to go all out at philanthropy events and parades by wearing our Sigma Kappa sorority tank tops and showing our school spirit!

#3. Tee-shirt mania

  • The North and The South get creative with their Tshirts! Maura is in Phi Sigma Sigma and they have some pretty cute Tshirts for their events and PR as well. However they choose to pair them with jeans and nice flats or boots. They also wear their Tshirts for recruitment. I know that recruitment is different for every school and this is something that Clemson does not do, but is popular in the north.

#4. Sporting events

  • The South DRESSES UP for sporting events! The most culture shocking thing for me was that the southern girls wear dresses (in their school colors of course) for football and baseball games! This is not just for college either, many local high schools had this tradition and when girls go on dates to a baseball park or something they usually are wearing a dress or a cute skirt and shirt.
  • The North is COMFORTABLE & CHIC for games! In high school/college and at any major league sporting events girls wear cute, yet weather appropriate clothes that show off their team spirit. This includes jeans with a school colored scarf and jacket or a team jersey to shorts and a pretty top.

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