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Throw What You Know!

If you’ve been anywhere near the beach, an adventure park, or a popular nature spot this summer, you probably have seen sorority girls throwing up their signs. These “signs”, however, are more than just a sign.

Throw What You Know!
Throw what you know!

They normally represent one or more of the secret rituals of the sorority. Others take the shape of the animal, symbol, or jewelry that the sorority is known for (i.e. ZTA is a crown and Sigma Kappa has Dove wings). Still others are the simple Greek letters combined into a hand sign (like KD). These hand signs are no where close to gang signs as some non-Greeks like to joke; they are a representation of a membership into a community of women that share the same values and take pride in helping each other grow. It is also a fun way to meet new girls who are in the same sorority from different parts of the world. The majority of the hand signs are also able to be formed by more than one girl, thus representing unity and the bond of sisterhood.

So remember, no matter where you go, throw what you know!

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