15 Signs You're TOTALLY a Freshman

1. You keep your lanyard around your neck

It’s not the worst thing in the world, but please, take it off when you go to a party. Invest in a cute crossbody bag and stock it with everything to get you through the night.

2. You never know where you’re going

You’re going to miss a class solely because you can’t find your class. You’re new on campus, so naturally you’re going to get lost.My advice to you: find out if your university has an app (with a map) or see if you can access maps of your campus online. Then, save the maps to your phone, and prepare your route before you even leave your dorm.

3. You’re way too early for your class

When you do finally find your class, you’re 30 minutes too early, which is totally fine! Being early for your class is great, but when you’re super early… it’s clear you’re a freshman. After a few days of class you’re going to get used to your schedule and you’ll learn the exact time of when you can leave your dorm and still make it to class with a few minutes to spare.

4. You wear all your high school gear

I know, you love all those t-shirts you got throughout high school- I did, too- but please, leave them at home. Having one or two for the gym or to sleep in is fine, but trust me, you’re going to get so many more during the next four years on campus.

5. You don’t know how to open your mailbox

Not going to lie, but those mailboxes can be super hard to open. Just look around, there’s probably a poster with directions posted somewhere nearby. If you’re still having serious trouble opening your box- look around for someone who looks, well- older, there’s usually always someone around to help the #struggling freshman.

6. You show up to parties squad deep

During the first few weeks of school, your floor is going to want to attend any and every party they hear about. Go with them! Socializing at parties is how you’re probably going to meet most of your friends- especially when you’re with your floormates. But please, don’t hook up with anyone from your floor, that’s floorcest and you will regret it the next morning.

7. You stalk Rate My Professor like it’s your day job

Everyone does it, but eventually you won’t care because you’ll find a reason to think that all of your professors suck. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll might come across a few “good ones”, but for the most part, class is class and who your professor is won’t make any difference (until you decide to let it make a difference, that is).

8. You raise your hand to ask to go to the bathroom

It’s college, your professors don’t care that you have to pee. Get up and go.

9. Your book bag is half the size that you are

Trust me, you don’t need to bring every textbook with you to the library. Determine what work you have to do that day and what can wait until tomorrow. Before you leave your dorm, glance over all the assignments you have to do, and plan accordingly.

10. You start every conversation with “What’s your major?”

Starting conversations with new people is terrifying, but they are just as nervous as you are. Don’t be afraid to find something in common with them or ask them to lunch.

11. You go to all the sporting events

Eventually you’ll learn to leave after tailgate, take a nap, and prepare yourself for the post-game event. Plus, let’s be real: no game can beat the tailgate.

12. You think a C is the end of the world

In a few weeks you’ll be begging for C’s.

13. You signed up for every club at club recruitment

Relax, you’re not going to have time for adventure club, soccer club, and of course sorority recruitment! Pick what you’re really interested in and take your time - you’re here for 4 years.

14. Your profile picture is either from prom or graduation

I know the last big events in your life were graduation and prom so there might not be a way out of this one. But take it as a warning: everyone will know you’re a freshman.

15. You’re convinced you and your roommate are going to be best friends, forever

I know those first few weeks with your roommate are all magical and you’re attached at the hip with everything you do, but don’t get too attached. The chance that you’ll actually be BFF’s with her same time next year is slim.

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