5 Things You Need to Start Doing Right Now

1. Drinking More Water

Starting off the year with the goal to be healthy is hard, but a simple step is to start drinking more water. Your body is made up of mostly water so one of the best things to feed your body is what it already has, plus drinking water throughout the day will have you snacking less. Clear skin is also a great benefit to drinking more water, it’s the cheapest most natural moisturizer you can get!

2. Going to the gym

Working out relives so much stress for me, especially during finals week when I think my head is going to explode! If you ever find your self 3 hours deep into your homework and are about to hit a wall just simply take a breath, put on your sneakers and head to the gym. Within 30 minutes you’ve given your brain some time to relax and recharge.

3. Going to class

Just do it. It’s really not that hard and at the end of the semester you’ll thank your self when you actually know what’s going on with your finals. Plus having your saved skip days in your back pocket will come in handy when you need them later (especially for that random Monday night you go out and can’t pull your self out of bed for your 8am the next morning.)

4. Meditating

This is one that sounds a little hippie-dippy but I promise that taking a few moments out of each day will really help you in the long run. Plus its been proven to help decrease anxiety and depression. Don’t, worry you don’t have to do some impossible yoga position you have to hold for a certain amount of time, all you need to do it sit down somewhere preferably quiet, focus on relaxing your body and then your breathing. If your mind begins to wander just go back to focusing on your breathing.

5. Take more pictures

4 years sounds like a long time when you’re just starting off your freshman year, but I promise when senior year is around the corner you’ll be wishing you took more pictures. I know you’re probably taking loads of picture before heading to your usual frat party on Friday nights, but start taking them all the time. If you find yourself dancing around your apartment with your roommates while making cookies, take a picture of it maybe even a video. Trust me, years from now you’ll be so thankful to look back on all the amazing moments you had with your best friends.

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