7 Perfect Gifts For Your Big/Little Week

1. Shirts

Your little just joined the greatest sisterhood on earth and all she wants to do is brag about it. Be the best big sister you can be and give her, her first ever letter shirt. Besides my bid day shirt the very first letter shirt I ever received was from my big and ill always remember how happy I was to officially feel like a sister. Also make some fam shirts, your other sister will be so jealous how creative you are and that you and your little are the only ones who get to wear them.

2. Dear Little…

A note to your little telling her how much you love her and about all the good times you plan on having together will make her feel so special. Materialistic things can only go so far. Those shirts will get stained, shot glasses will brake, canvases will fade, but the words you write to you beloved little will stay in her heart forever.

3. Letters

Get creative and paint your little the prettiest letters she could ever imagine. This week is all about her so make sure you pick colors you know she loves or Lily prints she would die for.

4. Lavaliere

That necklace you give your little will be something she’ll cherish forever, and just think, if the day comes when a Fraternity brother decides to lavaliere her you can say that you’re the one that gave her, her first set of letters.

5. Canvas

This is where Big/Little week gets fun. Future Bigs spend HOURS scrolling through Pinterest finding all kinds of inspirations on what crafts she wants to gift her little. This is where all the elbow grease comes into play. If you’re about to become a big be prepared to stain your clothes with paint and have glitter permanently ingrained in your carpet. Side note: Modge Podge is your friend.

6. Flash tats

These are new and I already have them in the mail coming for my little. Everyone loves those sparkly temporary tattoos that are basically impossible to get off after a long night out. Well they just got better because now they have your letters. WHAT?! Yea I know, me and my sisters bulk ordered them for us and our little’s that we haven’t even met yet.

7. Pin box

Now this ones a special one. This is the one gift your little will use once a week every week until they graduate. After their hair is curled and makeup is done your little will walk over to her pin box, put her pin on and always remember her beautiful big that gave her that personalized box that guards her most prized position.

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