How to Create the Best Tinder Profile in 3 Easy Steps

So you missed out on that mistletoe kiss, and the New Years kiss, and now the pressure is on to get that date for Valentines Day. Well what else would you do but download Tinder and start swiping right so you can be someone’s ‘Tinderella’. That’s where I come into to tell you the top 3 things to get you the perfect Tinder profile.

1. Your Pictures

Alright so first you’re going to want to pick out some good pictures. Of course you want to look hot so you get that immediate right swipe, but you also need to make sure your resting bitch face is nowhere in sight. You can’t start showing your bitchy side until at least the third date.

2. Kick Ass Info

A good quote is always a classic way to go for your bio, maybe something funny from your favorite movie or a song lyric so he can get a sense of what you’re into. Make sure to put your college or even a general location of where you’re from, who knows maybe you have some mutual friends that will get the conversation going.

3. #Instagram

A great feature on Tinder is that you can link up your Instagram. Do it. You can only express yourself so much in a few pictures that you might at well show off your kickass aesthetic and maybe even get a couple new followers.

Good luck and happy swiping!

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