10 Great Brand Ambassador Programs You Need to Apply To

Looking for something to put on your resumé? Need something to keep you busy? Want to be involved with an amazing brand?


Here are 10 great Brand Ambassador programs you need to apply to!

  1. Kiss My Southern Sass (KMSS) Sales Rep: their application for the fall is currently closed with decisions being made in September, but look for their application again in Spring 2016! My roommate has met amazing women through this program and I truly wish I would have applied! Apply here.
  2. Vineyard Vine Whale Rep: from their website, these college kids look clean cut, stylish and preppy! Read from some of their whale reps here and see why you should apply! Want more info? Contact them at
  3. Amazon Student Brand Ambassador: Marketing major? This is great for you. Amazon is currently accepting applications for the 2015-2016 school year. According to their website, they currently have 108 student brand ambassadors from 54 universities. Apply by May 1st, 2015 here.
  4. Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassador: okay ya’ll, this is great make up for college girls. Their prices are great and so are their products. If you’re great a blogging, vlogging, and want some experience with hosting selling parties, this is great for you. Read up on their website on why to join them. Apply here.
  5. Fraternity Collection Campus Representatives: sorority girl or fraternity man who loves some Frat Collection stuff? This campus representative position helps students learn many real-world experiences according to their website. Interested in representing this awesome brand? Contact or look here for more info.
  6. Southern Tide Ambassador Program: I’m sure you’ve seen these guys on your campus, too! Their style is clean and fresh, sporting that tiny fish we’ve all come to love. Their applications for Fall of 2015 will be opening up in late March according to their website. Ya’ll. It’s late March. Check their website regularly if interested!
  7. Southern Proper Belles and Beaus: their application unfortunately has closed for this term. But their website lists an interest form so that you are able to be notified when their next application opens! YAY! Look here for how to become a campus representative and earn the name of a Belle or Beau in the near future!
  8. Adam Block Design Ambassador of Awesome: this ambassador program was MADE for greek men and women. This is a great resumé builder and wonderful opportunity. Want to see more of what this company is about? Click here to view their website and here for their application.
  9. Monster Ambassador Team: who doesn’t need Monster after long nights of studying/partying to get through the next day? Become a campus ambassador team member and help other students get through their hangovers (study-related or alcohol-related.) Apply here!
  10. Prezi Ambassador Program: most college students are using Prezi for presentations instead of powerpoint slides. Prezi is a fun, interactive way for students to present things in their courses. Become an ambassador for this company for only university students. Applications are open until April 15th, 2015.

Enjoy! And happy branding!

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