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11 Theme Ideas For Your Next Mixer/Party

Themed parties are one of the best things about being Greek. We live for nights we get to dress up with our sisters and have fun. On my campus, it seems a lot of themed parties are the same. Everyone wants to be mermaids and trophy wives. Or frat stars and jungle animals. But I’m all about people going outside of the box and being different.

11 Theme Ideas For Your Next Mixer/Party

After tons of thought and consideration, I believe ya’ll should definitely consider some of these themes for your next mixer or party.

1. Throw down for your hometown

Make a list of your favorite things from home and get creative. This theme can be a lot of fun if you put the right amount of fun and pizazz into your costume. Be something from your favorite restaurant or a mascot from your hometown’s baseball team. Everyone will love this theme!

2. “M” themed mixer

You can dress as ANYTHING that starts with an “M.” I saw this idea from a chapter in Florida and absolutely loved it. You can really do this with any letter, but the things these ladies came up with starting with the letter “M” were super cute. Some of my favorites were ‘Merica, Miley, Military, and Minion. But there are so many more you choose from. Such as Marilyn, Marvel, or Minnie Mouse!

3. Wordplay

You know those silly words that could really mean a lot of things? Things such as a ceiling fan, or a book worm. When we say those things we don’t actually mean a ceiling fan is someone who is cheering on the ceiling. And when we say book worm we surely don’t mean a worm that lives inside of a book. But some of these words and phrases can turn into really cute costume ideas! Use your imagination with these words and come up with some great costumes for you and your friends! Running Refridgerator; Cereal Killer; Chick Magnet; Holy Cow.

4. Netflix Night

Choose your favorite show that you always watch on Netflix and dress as the characters from it! I’m a Pinterest fiend and have found so many cute costumes from shows like Dexter and How I Met Your Mother. It’s a simple theme, but one that every sorority girl will love. Who doesn’t want to dress like Serena and Blair?

5. Take The States

Dress as Miss ___ from whatever state you’d like! If you want to be Miss Hawaii, wear a big grass skirt and tons of flowers. If you want to be Miss New York, look like the Statue of Liberty or just wear an “I love NYC” shirt. But just remember, no matter what state you want to represent, make sure you have that big tiara on and a sash so your sisters know exactly who you are. That’s the fun of this theme!

6. Wear What You Drink

This theme would be SO cute! Wear a costume that correlates with your favorite beverage (alcoholic or not.) A chapter on my campus did this theme last year and had costumes anywhere from a BudLight Can to a bottle of YooHoo. My personal favorite was the girls who dressed as Franzia boxed wine!

7. Pick a Decade

What’s your favorite? The 70s, with all of the flowers and tie dye? The 80s, where big hair, ripped jeans, and band t shirts were the thing? Or the 90s, when crop tops and high top shoes took up everyones closets? I love this theme because it can play off so many of your sisters’ personalities. I’ve always believed I belonged in the 80s…you can’t have hair this big in 2014 and not get stared at!

8. The Great Fratsby

I know I just said decades, but come on…the Roaring 20s are something that need to be a theme in and of itself. Flappers, prohibition, and gangsters…oh my! Thank goodness for Gatsby showing us the ropes of how to dress for this type of theme. Grab your favorite sparkly dress and a headband to match. Spread on some thick red lipstick and don’t be afraid to put some glitter on for this theme! The Great Fratsby will be a party to remember!

9. Boots & Boxers

This theme isn’t the craziest ever, but it can be super casual for the guys you invite as your dates. Grab some cute boxers and a big t shirt from your boy and slip on your cowboy boots. Pictures for this theme turn out really cute and everyone has a great time because of how casual it is!


Wear your favorite pink dress or white t shirt and write a Total Sorority Move or Total Frat Move on a sign to wear around all night. This idea is so fun! You can find any type of idea from online on either website or just make up your own! It will be so funny to read everyone’s signs as the night goes on!

11. ABC

ANYTHING BUT CLOTHES. Make your costume out of some fab material, but make sure you’re covered! This theme can be fun if done the right way. Duck tape dresses and costumes made out of balloons are two of my favorite things I’ve seen. You can make an outfit out of anything! That old beer carton? The ribbon from your big/lil basket? Be creative ladies!

11 Theme Ideas For Your Next Mixer/Party

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