6 Ideas for Your Next Philanthropy Event

Coming up with Philanthropy Event ideas is really hard. People have their traditions that they do every year, and some times we want to break out of that mold and do something different. Try some of these for your next philanthropy event!

6 Ideas for Your Next Philanthropy Event

  1. Benefit Concert: At an event like this, you could have a battle of the bands with artists from your area or surrounding areas. I’m lucky enough to go to a school just an hour away from Nashville, so finding bands isn’t too hard. But the music scene is everywhere. Charge bands a fee to enter the contest, and then charge the people who want to come watch. This could definitely bring together your entire Greek community in a fun way while also raising money for your philanthropy.
  2. Dance Competition: On my campus, Kappa Delta hosts a huge event called “Shenanigans.” Each sorority and fraternity makes teams that compete against each other. There’s a fee for the teams that are entering, and then also a fee at the door for those of us who aren’t um…coordinated enough…to be on stage. Each year they make a theme that the dances have to be based on. The music, movements, and costumes all have to correlate to the theme. This year, the theme was Road Trip and it turned out super cute. Try doing this for your chapter. They raise tons of money every year and all of the organizations have a blast participating.
  3. Silent Auction: Every year during the fall, my chapter holds a Silent Auction at our annual Ultra Violet Gala. We get donations from companies in town to put in baskets and then auction off those baskets at our event. The event also includes dinner and time for us to recognize the women in our chapter for the things they do. Because of that, we also charge for tickets. It’s our biggest fundraiser because families and friends are invited to this event. If you do something like this, it doesn’t have to be a huge event. But having something like this can raise tons of money. Baskets will go anywhere from $50.00 and up. It’s also super fun to see who wins at the end of the night.
  4. Cook-Off/Bake-Off: You can do ANYTHING for this one. Pies, chili, cakes, etc. People love competition. And when it’s for a good cause, why not? Charge a fee for those entering the contest, and give a percentage of the proceeds earned to the chapter who wins to give to their philanthropy. If you’re struggling to find ways to make money in this event, charge those who want to come judge. Pick a panel and have them enter $3 to judge the contest (even if it is just your sisters doing the judging.) People will be so excited about this event.
  5. Marathon: Have a cycle-a-thon, dance-a-thon, bike-a-thon, an actual running marathon. Do something. Have people donate money to enter your marathon. Then, have your participants find sponsors that will donate every minute/hour that their participant cycles, dances, bikes, or runs. This can raise a tonnnn of money and gets people up and going. Our PIKEs on campus are doing a cycling marathon this fall and I thought that was a fabulous way to get people involved on your campus.
  6. Crafting Contest: EVERY sorority girl loves to craft. Lately, our campus has become obsessed with pumpkin carving contests. Each organization pays money to enter a pumpkin into the contest. That money that they use to enter gets donated to their philanthropy. In order to pick a winner though, people use change to vote for the pumpkins throughout the day. Whoever collects the most money is the winner and all of that change collected also gets donated to the philanthropy. Now, pumpkins aren’t all year round obviously. Try doing something with canvases that can portray what your philanthropy is about. My little is currently running for our Vice President of Philanthropic Services, and we came up with this idea together: have the chapters do canvas paintings that symbolize our philanthropies. As Sigma Kappa’s, we are lucky enough to have five. So the other chapters would have a lot to choose from. We would want the teams to pay to enter their canvases (since we all know canvases are not the cheapest things around) and then have people vote with change for whose they think did the best job symbolizing what these amazing causes mean to us. It would raise tons of money and it gets people actually thinking about the philanthropies your organization supports.

Have fun with these events. You’re raising money for an organization that made you want to join your chapter. These events should be something that shows your passion and hard work. Good luck, and happy fundraising, ya’ll.

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