Bid Day

To All of the Women Who Signed NPC Bid Cards in the Last Week

To all of the women who signed bid cards in the last week to one of the 26 amazing National Panhellenic Conference sororities,

I want to officially welcome you to the best time of your life. You are about to embark on an adventure that you won’t truly appreciate until you are in my position (an old, old senior.) I tell you this because I think for the last three years, I took the little things for granted. The long nights of recruitment and the short amount of time you have with your sisters really made me realize you should take every little moment and live it to the fullest.

Take my advice on a few things… you won’t regret it.

  • Be THAT girl one night. But only one. Because after that, being THAT girl isn’t cute anymore. You can get blacked out and not remember one night, but after that…cut it out. Be classy, smart, and kind to fraternity men and other sorority women when you go out at night. Make them wish they were dating you, or that they were just like you.
  • Respect the upperclassmen. They have been here long enough to know what’s right and wrong and most likely won’t hesitate to tell you all about it. Listen when they tell you to be quiet. Go home when they tell you that you are too tragic. Don’t talk to the guy they warned you about.
  • Don’t complain to others about your chapter. It makes you look weak. Why would you want to be in a chapter that you complain about? Especially when the women before you have worked so hard to keep your sisterhood alive and thriving? Be kind to your sisters and love them and your chapter for who they are.
  • DO NOT talk badly about other chapters. You don’t like that fraternity? Don’t say it. You don’t like some girl in that sorority? Just keep your mouth shut. One bad sentence from a single new member can change the way another chapter looks at yours as a whole. You may not think the girl behind you in class is listening, but she is. And trust me, she’s waiting for you to bad mouth her sisters so she can put you and your chapter on their hate-list.
  • Wear your letters like your grandmother is watching you. Do not swear in them. Do not be trashy in them. Treat them with respect. Wear them with pride. And most of all, LOOK NICE IN THEM. Girl, I know you’re usin’ that Naked Palette before you go out on Thursday nights. Might as well take one day a week to use it for class and make yourself look presentable. You may not think people are noticing you, but they are. Girls who are in other chapters are going to want to see what chapter you are in when you wear your letters. And girls who are still trying to decide what chapter they want to be in are probably seeing how nice you and your sisters look in your lettered shirts. Just promise me you’ll try… for me…
  • Be the freshman all the seniors want as their little.
  • Be the sophomore all the freshman want to be like.
  • Be the junior who takes pride in everything they do with their second to last year because they realize they only have one year left.
  • Be the senior the underclassmen look up to when you get to my spot. Be the one they admire and want to be like. Be the one who cries on her last Preference because she was chosen to be in charge of the entire day with another senior. Be the one that girls ask questions to because they think you’re always going to know the answer (even though that’s most definitely not true.) Be the one that the underclassmen miss when you’re gone and are talking about on their first Preference day as an active - wishing they were back here and telling stories about how you are the reason they stayed in the chapter.

To All of the Women Who Signed NPC Bid Cards in the Last WeekSincerely,

The Senior Who Isn’t Ready To Graduate

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