Let's Get Personal… With Monogramming!

The only things that Tri Sigma Sisters on Drexel’s campus love wearing more than their letters are their monograms! From monogrammed tumblers to sun hats and scarves, enjoy showing off your initials on campus by sporting a monogram on your apparel!

Let’s Get Personal… With Monogramming!

1. You’ll never lose your things (well, almost never…)

Embracing the monogram is also a great way to keep track of your things in college! When your entire sorority has the same black North Face fleece it is 10x easier to spot yours if it is sporting a nice embroidered monogram on the sleeve.

2. No one can wear your brand

Once you add your monogram to a tote or a sweater, you create a brand all of your own! The best part is that it is nearly impossible that you will run into someone else wearing the same thing with the same monogram. No matter how hard they try, no one will be able to copy your style because it is personalized just for you!

Let’s Get Personal… With Monogramming!

3. Prestige at an affordable cost

Why pay tons of cash for a bag with monograms that aren’t yours? I have never understood why people buy the monogrammed Louis Vuitton bags; my initials are not LV, that doesn’t make sense! With your own personalized apparel you get the best of both worlds; the prestige of a rare logo and a price that satisfies your college wallet.

Top Picks for Personalization

Here are my top three choices for places to find and customize monogrammed apparel and accessories. Happy monogramming!

  1. Marley Lilly: From sunglasses to overnight bags and raincoats, Marley Lilly has it all when it comes to customization options!
  2. Tiny Tulip: I love the monogrammed rain jackets on this site! Great prices and perfect for campus!
  3. Preppy Monogrammed Gifts: The selection of monogrammed jewelry on this site is the best!

Do you want to show off your monogram while sticking to your college budget? Come back to my blog for a Monogram D.I.Y. edition that will solve all of your personalization problems!

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