This Summer's Must-Have List

Isn’t it nice that summer has officially started for most college students around the country! This means sun-kissed skin, long summer nights and an absurd amount of beach days. The greatest thing about summer is all the spontaneous trips and plans that seem to pop up at the last minute, which seems to leave us living out of our cars multiple days at a time. This requires us all to be prepared for those memory-filled nights, with these five essential things that every girl MUST HAVE in her car at all times.This Summer’s Must-Have List

1. At Least one AMAZING Bathing Suit

Girls, its that time of year to impress again. Have your favorite bathing suit that makes you feel awesome at all times. I repeat.. AT ALL TIMES. This is so essential to any beach trip, because not only do you want to be comfortable, you also want to be confident and feel awesome!

2. Your Favorite Pair of Sunglasses

We all know that sunglasses are apart of every beach trip. Its just a requirement.

3. Tanning Lotion

Tanning lotion is so important to have before hand since it can be so expensive once you get to the beach.

4. Beach Towel

None of us want to just lay in the hot sand having sand going up our bathing suits, so be prepared!

5. An Unthinkable amount of Hair Ties

All girls will understand that no amount of hair ties in the summer is enough. They are a high priority to have because we all know that we will suffer on the beach without them.

Summer is the best time of year and with these five things in your car all girls will be unstoppable!

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