The Littles are Coming: Budgeting 101

When I got my Big, she was graduating that same semester. Simply put, I didn’t have the Big/Little experience every sorority girl dreams about. Thankfully, I have my twin so I wasn’t totally an orphan Annie. I had opted not to get a little last semester because their wasn’t anyone in particular I was interested in. I guess I was waiting for that moment where I met a girl and it would be like finding the perfect dress to wear to your wedding. That moment never came so I decided to wait another year. I didn’t regret it but watching everyone in my class gush over their littles, and watching my twin become a GGBig was hard. With my Big gone, I was that awkward branch/twig in our family line pics.

The decision to take on a Little was an easy one, but spending all that money is not. How much money are we talking here exactly? I asked one of my sisters who’s in my class how much she spent on her Little, and she told me she spent around $700 (yikes).

After hearing the devastating news I had to make a list - and I was checking it twice for a Little who is hopefully naughty and not nice. Class is now in session. Here’s Little Budgeting 101.

1. OMG I Love Those Letters Where Did You Get It?!

I’ve seen some spend as much as $40 on a single lettered shirt/sweater and I’m here to tell you you don’t have to do that. On average a simple solid color Hanes T-Shirt is $8, $3-$5 if you buy it from Walmart, and a Sweater $6-$8. Fabric depending on the shirt your trying to make shouldn’t cost more that $3. If getting your little a pair of Lily Pulitzer is a must sells pre-made iron on letters for as little as $4. Find a sister who is good with a sewing machine and have her stitch them for you.

In my sorority we all have the same set of blocked letters called standards. Something Greek has a great deal where you could get 2 sets for $30. You could have another big pay for the other half or you could make a different set to give to your little. Or you could get it for yourself because after spending all that money your gonna want a little something something for yourself.

2. Craft So Hard MFs Wanna Find Me!

The first thing you should do before crafting is make a list of everything you want to get and how much your willing to spend. This will save you when you get to the register and you’re $30 over the budget you decided on when you walk into the store and you only use half of what you bought. Also find out what colors your potential little has in her room and color coordinate. This will save you from buying the rainbow in paint. When is comes to crafting always check Amazon or Walmart for deals before venturing into Michael’s. You can get 6 9 by 12 inch canvases from for $13. It will cost you four times as much at Michael’s. Be sure to throw in some wooden sorority letters. Color coordinate them with your other crafts, but add some texture whether it be fabric flowers or broken glass.

3. It’s So Fluffy I’m Gonna Die!

You’re gonna want some larger items to take up space on your table or in your craft box. Make your little a tie blanket and/or a pillow! It’s another inexpensive gift and it’s really easy to make. For the blanket all you need is 1 1/2- 2 yards of one patterned and one solid color fleece fabric. As for the pillow you can make a matching one with leftover fabric. Get it embroidered or iron one your sorority’s letters. Again be sure to color coordinate. It will look like you put more thought into all your gifts if it’s matching.

4. Miscellaneous Knick Knacks and Patty Whacks…

After you’ve gotten the necessities out of the way use what’s left over in your budget to get your little other random sorority related gifts. Get matching big/little shirts, tumblers, key chains, car decals, jewelry, and etc. The world is your oyster and when everything is said and done you’ll have the most perfect little and the damage done to your bank account will be minor. Still use the rest of this summer to save, save, and save! Good luck and happy hunting.

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