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10 Reasons Why You Should Live In Your Sorority House

If you’re a sorority girl and read the title of this article, you’re probably thinking one of two things:

“OMG, I already live in my sorority house and LOVE it.”


“No way could I ever live in a house with that many girls.”

As much as you love your sorority sisters, the thought of living with them might overwhelm you. I decided to live in my sorority’s house last semester, and absolutely loved it… and this is coming from a girl who loves having a bedroom and bathroom to myself. So trust me when I say that there are plenty of reasons why you should live in your sorority house.

1. Bonding time

My favorite part about living in my sorority house was bonding with sisters that I didn’t know very well. I was thrilled that some of my best friends had also decided to live in the house, but living there became even better once I was closer with everyone.

2. Easy transitions from a party to your bed

If Greek housing at your school is set up like High Point’s, then you’re neighbors with every other Greek organization on campus. This proximity is a big plus on the weekends when you’re hanging out in fraternity houses. At most it’ll only take you five minutes to walk back to your house when you’re ready to go to sleep, and maybe another three minutes until you’re in bed.

3. You get to live in a mansion

Ok, so maybe you’re sorority house isn’t a mansion, but it’s probably nicer than a lot of other dorm room or apartment options. Take advantage of the opportunity to live in a well-furnished, beautiful home while you’re in college. It’ll take years of hard work after graduation to be able to afford a home like that on your own.

4. It’s a central meeting location for your chapter

Your sorority house is the one place on campus that belongs to only your chapter, and no one else. Meetings, getting ready to go out, and several other things happen daily in the house. Living there ensures that you’ll never be late to any meetings, and gives you plenty of time to sleep in, get ready, etc.

5. Access to your sisters closets

Living in a house with several other girls means you have endless clothing and jewelry options and plenty of fashion advice from your sisters. Just remember to ask for permission first before borrowing anything.

6. It’s crafting central

Sorority women love their crafts, and the house is full of paint, canvases, and glitter. It’s the perfect location to live in during big/little week, Greek week, and other occasions that require a large amount of crafting. It’s also great if you’re like me, someone who can’t craft very well, because there’s always an artistic sister to help you.

7. Food, food, and more food

In my sorority house there are sisters constantly baking and cooking, and willing to share. You might have to head to the gym a little bit more, but homemade cookies from your sisters will always be worth it. Another benefit of living in the sorority house is if your school provides you with a chef. Good food makes for easy living.

8. You get to know your neighbors

Greek houses are usually built next to each other, or near each other. Living in the house gives you the great opportunity to meet Greeks affiliated with other organizations than your own. Cheers to Panhellenic love!

10 Reasons Why You Should Live In Your Sorority House
Living with your sisters makes some of the best memories you’ll have in college.

9. You’ll grow as a person

One of the most important reasons to choose to live in your sorority house is personal growth. You’ll mature from living in the house because it teaches you how to deal with others. You learn a lot about people when you move in with them. Everyone’s habits are different, from sleeping to cleaning. Living in a house with different personalities and behaviors will teach you patience, tolerance, and will reveal your own flaws that you can improve on.

10. You’ll make memories you wouldn’t have living by yourself or with fewer people

A certain kind of wonderful craziness happens when you have sorority sisters living together. It can be stressful at times, but ultimately you will make the best memories from living in your sorority house. There will be moments where you will laugh and where you will cry, but your sisters will be there for every good and bad thing that happens. Living in your sorority house ensures that your support system, your sisters, are always right by your side. That’s the best part of living there.

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