5 AMAZING Online Stores You Need to Check Out This Summer!

You probably were hesitant when clicking on this article because, like me, you probably don’t have any money to spend on new clothes for summer-especially since it’s only 3 months! However, if you go to a school in the south, the weather stays nice until November and becomes nice in April. Therefore, you need summer clothes to not only wear in the summertime, but also at school! And, if you don’t go to a school in the south… well, you can change into two new outfits everyday during the months of June, July, and August.

1. [Tobi

Most of the time when people ask me where I got a dress or top from, it’s from You’ve probably heard of this website because the clothes are always on Tumblr posts. They have amazing dresses and going-out tops, as well as patterned rompers. The best part? They have 30% off sales everyday, 50% off your first purchase, and free shipping and free returns. What else could you ask for?

2. [Showpo

This website is known for its brightly patterned rompers and one-pieces They’re perfect for summer AND Instagram pictures. The prices are a little higher than Tobi’s, but they have similar sales and free shipping on orders of $50 or more. The overall theme of the pieces on Showpo are bohemian and Coachella-inspired.

3. [American Eagle

Your trusty spot for purchasing new jeans for back-to-school is stepping up its game! American Eagle is approaching a new look for its other clothes that aren’t denim. They’re going for a trendy festival look, and the high-waisted shorts and tank-tops are great. The website is always having sales, even more than in-store. They’re also sticking to their casual comfy roots as well with their new Soft and Sexy line.

4. [Miss Holly

Like the rest of these stores, this is a very trendy online boutique. This one in particular is out of Australia, and we all know Australians are hot and fashionable. The patterned dresses and playsuits are to die for, but it also has a few basic pieces like tank tops and jean shorts.

5. [Lookbook Store

The rompers and maxi dresses are what makes this online store perfect. They’re all mostly patterned and bright, but they’re not tacky at all. This store not only sells clothing, but also bikinis, sunglasses, purses, and even iPhone cases. The prices are really good, and so is the quality. You’ve most likely seen these clothes featured in Instagram pictures on your Explore page because they are so trendy.

These stores are not outrageously expensive and their clothing is of great quality. Most importantly, they have great return deals which is very important when it comes to purchasing clothes online that you didn’t try on. Treat yourself and order a few things off of each of these websites and your summer wardrobe will be complete!

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