5 Products That Help You Beat The Heat

Summer vacation has finally arrived! It is time for sunshine, beaches, internships, and summer jobs. Summertime is an exciting and happy season, but it also has a few cons. These include the heat and sweat that comes with it. Here are five products that will help you keep cool on the hottest summer days:

1. Oil Absorbing Strips

Your face will inevitably shine more when it’s hot outside. Oil absorbing strips are small, and can fit into any purse or pocket. I always keep a pack on me, and use them throughout the day to keep my face oil-free. My favorite brand for oil absorbing strips is [Neutrogena, but there are plenty of options at any local CVS, Walgreens, or beauty aisle in your local grocery store.

2. Quick-Dry Tank Tops

Quick-dry material is normally worn during workouts, but is essential for summertime outings like cookouts, bonfires, and afternoons out on a boat. These tanks come in all different forms and styles. Dress them up with a skirt, or wear them casually with shorts. You can find these in any sports store or athletic section of most major clothing stores.

3. Makeup Setting Spray

This should go hand-in-hand with oil absorbing strips. Quit stressing about sweating off your makeup in the heat, and start using [setting spray instead. This product ensures that your face will stay smear-free and that your makeup won’t budge.

5 Products That Help You Beat The Heat

4. Headbands

If you have thick hair like I do, then you know the dreadful feeling that happens when strands of hair start sticking to your face. Keep your hair in place with cute, thick headbands that will also hide frizz caused by humidity. Bonus points if your headband has your Greek letters stitched on it.

5. Strong Deodorant

This is the most important summertime product. Find the deodorant that works best for you. Everyone’s body is different, but deodorant should keep you feeling dry and fresh all day. Experiment with a few brands before settling on one. Buy sample sizes and try them all out before buying bulks of a certain brand. If you feel that you sweat an uncomfortable amount, it might be best to set up an appointment with your doctor to get prescription strength deodorant.

With these five products you’ll be able to enjoy your summer, stress and sweat free. Stay cool, Stylistas.

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