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Go-To Websites For Greek Essentials

Admit it: you’re addicted to online shopping. If you don’t buy something online weekly or monthly, you at least browse frequently.

As a big fan of frugal shopping and finding the best products, I have found the top three websites that fulfill every Greek’s to-buy list.

1. Textbooks: Slugbooks

Before being members of Greek life, we are first and foremost students, and therefore, we all need textbooks. Slugbooks is the only website I use when looking for cheap books to rent or buy. One semester I bought a textbook using the site, and the final price was under $5. That’s a very rare occasion that will probably never happen again, but I will say that the books on Slugbooks are cheaper than other websites. Simply type in the ISB number and the website will search large sellers of textbooks to find you the best deal.

2. Dresses for Formals and Black-Tie Events: Rent the Runway

More often than not, dresses are bought for formals and other black-tie events, and never worn again. As much as I love all the dresses I’ve worn to my sorority’s formals, I will admit that they have all sat in my closet since the day after formal. Don’t waste money on expensive dresses that you’ll only wear once. Rent the Runway has a multitude of options, for any type of event. They’ll ship you the same dress in two different sizes to ensure a correct fit, and after the day of your event, you ship the dress back. Chic and affordable!

3. Letter Shirts: The Embroidery Shop

Letter shirts are essential to every Greek’s closet. The majority of my letter shirts are from The Embroidery Shop. In my opinion, they are made better than shirts from other brands because the letters are stitched thicker. The amount of colors and patterns you can combine together are also huge pluses to shopping at this online boutique.

Get to browsing, Stylistas.

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