Where To Shop For The Best Greek Gear

Once you join a sorority there are many things that happen. You discover newfound friends, join a sisterhood, attend philanthropy events, and more. Another thing that happens is you begin to buy and own sorority and letter themed apparel and jewelry, among other products.

There is a wide range of companies out there that sell Greek gear, which can make it difficult to find the absolute best products for any and every occasion. No worries, I’m here to help you sort through them all. Here are my favorite websites and stores for every Greek occasion.

Letter Shirts

Wearing stitched letter shirts screams to the world, “I’m a sister of (insert sorority) and I am proud!” Represent yourself and your sorority with letter shirts that are sewn well and are customizable by print and pattern by shopping at [The Embroidery Shop, an online store that specializes in sorority apparel, monograms, and everything else a sorority woman needs.

Where To Shop For The Best Greek Gear
Sisters looking great in letters.

Big/Little Gifts

Although big/little week is full of handmade canvases and crafts, many bigs wish to buy matching apparel and products for their littles and themselves. [GreekU has a variety of shirts, accessories, and other Greek gear to choose from, especially for big/little pairs. Spoil your big or little with only the best.


Lavaliers are a Greek tradition, and jewelry is a subtle, but classy way of showing off your letters. [A-List Greek creates multiple designs of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more, all of which comes in silver or gold. You’re bound to find an accessory that will suit your style while browsing their online shop.

Where To Shop For The Best Greek Gear
Tri Sigma accessories.

Something Original

If you’re looking for a craft, shirt, or other sorority-themed object that no one else in your sorority will have, then head to [Etsy, my favorite website for almost everything. Anytime I’m looking for something creative and unique, I go here to look at the multiple shops they feature. Almost anything and everything can be found on Etsy, including Greek products.

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