What Sororities Are Really Looking For In New Members

Recruitment season is officially upon us! At High Point University, formal recruitment happens at the beginning of the spring semester. Sorority members and potential new members are all getting nervous and excited about one of the busiest and thrilling times for sororities on campus.

If you are a freshman or sophomore going through recruitment you are probably worried about what sorority women will think of you. Will they like me? Am I good enough for them? What exactly are they looking for? I had all of these questions plus many more running through my head when I went through recruitment two years ago. So, what exactly is it that sororities are looking for in new members? Below I’ve listed the top qualities that each sorority would love to see in a potential new member.

A Genuine Interest

Sorority members want to make sure that they are giving bids to women who genuinely want to be a part of their sisterhood. During recruitment, if a potential new member seems standoffish or bored, than members will assume that she does not want to be a part of their sorority. You don’t have to be fake; you’re not going to like every sorority, but that doesn’t mean that you should be rude. Engage in the conversations you have in each house, and try to see the value in each sorority on your campus.

What Sororities Are Really Looking For In New Members
Tri Sigma sisters on bid day 2015

A True Personality

The best thing a potential new member can do while going through recruitment is be herself. It’s something that everyone will tell you throughout the process of rush, but it’s important to be real. Don’t say things you wouldn’t usually say or act a certain way just because you think that’s what a specific sorority wants you to be. You should be looking to join the sorority whose personality match up with yours. If you have to try too hard to fit in at a certain house, then it probably won’t be worth it in the long run.

What Sororities Are Really Looking For In New Members
Tri Sigma sisters on Derby Day 2015

Potential to Better the Sorority

Not only are sorority members asking themselves, “What do we bring to the table for new members?”, but they are also asking, “What does she have to offer us?” Are you really passionate about philanthropy? Interested in holding an Executive Council position in your future sorority? Bring that up in conversations you have during rush. Talk about your interests, passions, and talents. Sororities are looking for women who will add something special to their sisterhood, so don’t be afraid to showcase yourself.

What Sororities Are Really Looking For In New Members
Tri Sigma sisters during Greek Week 2015

The “Perfect Fit”

I once viewed a recruitment video in which a sister said, “An (insert sorority name here) isn’t something you become, it’s something you’ve always been.” That sounds a little confusing, but I agree with that statement. Looking back on my recruitment experience, I have always been a Tri Sigma, even before I joined. I mean this in the sense that my personality matches up very well with my sisters at High Point University, and that Tri Sigma was the “perfect fit” for me and I was the “perfect fit” for them. As you go through recruitment, don’t try to conform yourself to each sorority. Be yourself, and you will find that “perfect fit” that everyone talks about.

Good luck to all the potential new members going through recruitment this semester. I hope you find a sisterhood that feels like home.

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