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Studying Abroad Will Make Your Sisterhood Stronger

Studying abroad is simply amazing. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before: how great the cities are, how wonderful the food is, how much it makes people grow, etc. I studied abroad last year during the spring 2015 semester in Rome, and it was the best four months of my life (cheesy, right?).

Although the pros of studying abroad are endless, the experience itself does come with some challenges. One of these challenges is keeping in contact with your loved ones back home. I’ll admit that while I was abroad I did a good job of talking to my friends back at home on a regular basis, but I still felt like I was missing out on things back in America, especially Greek life.

Studying Abroad Will Make Your Sisterhood Stronger
Throwing what I know in Rome, Italy.

Being abroad can make you feel out of touch with your sorority, especially if your university holds formal recruitment during the semester you choose to go abroad. Not only are you no longer surrounded by sisters, but you also don’t have the opportunity to get to know the new members during their first semester in your sorority.

Feeling disconnected is easy, but is sometimes a good thing. In my experience, being away from my sisters reminded me how close our bonds and friendships really are. Living in a foreign country miles and miles away from High Point University and having a six hour time difference separate me from my friends was hard sometimes, but we made it work, and I was welcomed back with open arms from all my sisters, including the new members I hadn’t met yet.

Studying Abroad Will Make Your Sisterhood Stronger
Photo taken in Barcelona, Spain during my semester abroad.

I kept in contact with my sisters via iMessage, Facebook, and FaceTime on a regular basis. It takes effort but is really as simple as responding to texts whenever you wake up, or right before you go to bed.

One of the main things that studying abroad taught me was how much I appreciate my friends at High Point, especially my sisters, and how much of a support system I have at school and at home. If you’re worried about drifting apart from you sisters while abroad, don’t be. The bonds you have created with them will truly last a lifetime, no matter the miles in between you.

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