5 Tips to Make Your Mornings Better

Let’s be honest: nobody likes waking up in the morning.

I don’t care if your first class is at 8:00am or noon - it’s the worst. Now I’m not saying I have the secret to waking up as gorgeous and refreshed as happens in the movies, but once you’ve taken the first step and opened up your sleepy peepers, I can help!

It was only very recently that I even started acting like a human being in the mornings; they used to be the absolute bane of my existence. Now, the more excited you are for whatever you get up to do every day, the easier it will be to make yourself be happy and lively in the mornings. But even if you’re in a job you can’t stand or stayed up late cramming for a test or just generally don’t have a good reason to feel great some morning - these five tips may be able to make the early-morning life just a bit better.

1. Immediately put on your favorite playlist.

I know, this one sounds kind of lame, but starting your first few minutes with happy jams makes those minutes (and the ones afterward) a little more bearable. There’s some great playlists out there if you don’t want to make your own - my personal favorite is the BB-8 one on Spotify, but if you’d rather not feed into the Star Wars hype check out Have a Great Day! Having something happy in your ears will make you feel a ton better, even if it’s just background noise to you.

2. Cool down to warm up!

Sounds crazy right? But alertness is hard to come by in the mornings. So after you go through your normal morning bathroom routine, give your face a nice cold water rinse. I swear, it leaves you feeling refreshed, alert, and pretty darn clean.

3. Grab a munchie.

Not everyone likes breakfast, but you’ve just gone 8 or so hours without food (if you’re lucky) and your body is probably not too happy about it. Get something in you with some energy like an apple or a granola bar - not just coffee! It kickstarts your brain, and you’ll be thankful for it later in the morning.

4. Say “good morning”.

Pull out that phone of yours! But of instead of checking up on all your social medias, text the people who mean the most to you to say good morning to them. Letting your family members, best friends, or significant other know you’re thinking of them can make them feel great, and trust me you’ll feel great about it too. It feels good to do good - so why wouldn’t you?

5. Make yourself laugh.

Whether it’s your favorite YouTube video or looking up funny jokes, find something to brighten your mood and literally make yourself laugh or grin. Here I am with the Star Wars nerdiness again, but I personally find that Googling “kittens with lightsabers” to be an enjoyable morning task. But that’s just me. If you’re going to follow one piece of advice in this article, let it be this one: find what makes you smile, and start every day with it. Your good days will turn into great ones. And those will lead to great weeks. The rest will follow!

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