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An Open Letter To My College Best Friend

My dear best-friend,

I knew when I got my bid from Tri Sigma that I would make everlasting friends, but I never imagined I would meet you. I’m not too sure how it all happened but I remember sitting with you at our philanthropy and that is where it all happened. I latched on to you like a leech, and you’re never going to get rid of me.

I want to thank you for giving me the tough love I need. Sometimes when I’m sad and down in the dumps, what I need is you telling me to pull myself together. I need that more than anything.

Thank you for supervising me cleaning my room. The push to get rid of clothes I haven’t wore since sixth grade is greatly appreciated. Because in all honesty, I do not need Aeropostale hoodies anymore.

I love our random shenanigans where I drive us all over the middle of no where, and we talk about everything and anything. When I make you miss a drag show because I’m too busy browsing Target, but I only went in for command hooks. I love that your family welcomed me with open arms when I came home with you and they even helped me celebrate the big two-oh. I love you for being you and helping me be me. I couldn’t imagine college without you.


The Friend You Will Never Get Rid Of

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