Bid Day

The Truth About Being A COB (Continuous Open Bidding)

Let me be honest with you. My whole freshman year of college I thought I was really against joining a sorority. I argued with the idea of rushing freshman year but ultimately decided against it. It just seemed really intimidating and I wanted to make friends in my own way. But after spending countless numbers of Friday nights locked up in my dorm room, or simply going home because I was bored, I started to be really jealous of the girls that were in sororities. Especially my roommate, who was gone a lot and loved her sorority and sisters. I just felt like I was missing out on the college experience of making new friends and memories with your sisters. And I honestly thought that the idea of being in a sisterhood sounded so cool. I contemplated rushing before my sophomore year, but decided against it. Two weeks into school and I already felt like I was missing out, again. So after finding out my new roommate and one of my best friends COB’d and gotten a bid, I decided to try it.

The Truth About Being A COB (Continuous Open Bidding)

And so I tried it, and got my bid as well. I was really excited to be apart of something.

But let me be honest even more, I love my sorority and I am so happy to have been given this opportunity to better myself and to be apart of something bigger, but I felt a little out of place at first being a COB. It was awkward because as much as I felt wanted, I didn’t really feel included. Solely on the basis that everyone else in my pledge class got to experience bid day, and bid day buddies, and going through the recruitment process with each other. And here I was, three weeks late, and already feeling hopeless.

But as time went on, and homecoming got going, I met a lot of girls through pomping and through other activities and I started to feel included and like I belonged there.

So my advice to all you new members/and future new members out there, if you see someone new, try to make them feel included from the first new member meeting they attend! They are apart of your chapter for a reason, and they REALLY want to meet you all and to be friends with you. That’s why they joined! It’s like having a new kid in school, its super awkward for them and all they want is some friendly people to ask them to each lunch with them (aka sit with them at some meeting). So just do it! I promise it’ll make their day and you might even become best friends.

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