The Chuck-It List

With New Years out of the picture and bucket lists or new years resolutions no where in sight, I can now fully concentrate on my Chuck-It List. I could spend my time bettering myself by eating a healthy diet, incorporating more exercise, or creating a positivity jar.

The Chuck-It List

As for now, I am creating a Chuck-It List.

Been there, and didn’t do that. These are things I have tried and never got around to actually accomplishing them. Why hold on to something that’s just going to hold you back right? So, for the purposes of this post, I’m telling the bucket to suck it so I can chuck it.

  1. Finish Jane Austen’s Persuasion: It’s a book I’ve heard great things about and would love to actually read through the whole thing, but that weird old English just gets my head twisted. I set it down for three months while I let my headache cool down.
  2. Avoiding Cavities: I haven’t quite figured out if it is the drill, the chair, or the conversations this old man tries to have with me while he is drilling Satan craters into my teeth, but something about his office makes me uncomfortable. I have sensitive teeth, I get it, but that’s not going to stop me from eating sugar. I floss and brush my teeth multiple times EVERYDAY. My teeth just can’t hang and that’s something I’ve accepted.
  3. Overcome a Fear: (In my case, it’s narrow hallways.) Specifically, this applies to storage units and alley ways. I wouldn’t say I am scared of small spaces but I don’t like only having one entrance and one exit. This is something I’m continually going to be afraid of,so I have decided to chuck the idea of getting over it.
  4. Eat Squash: This is just a vegetable I do not think I would enjoy… AT ALL. I don’t like smell of it cooked, steamed, cold, blanched, glazed, grilled or any other way. This vegetable can turn out to be way to many colors for comfort (black, green, orange, yellow) and looks really mushy on the inside. It’s doomed in my vegetable diary.
  5. Break a World Record: (I’m going for the “how much candy corn I can fit in my mouth” - hence why #2 is on my Chuck-It List) This one girl had 70 and I cant even get thirty without feeling like one is going to slide down my throat. Besides, I am 20 years old, is seeing how many pieces of orange candy I can fit in my mouth really accomplishing anything? Yes, duh. I’m just stopping because I admit defeat.
  6. Understand the Popularity of Hello Kitty: I just don’t get it. Never have and never will. Did this little kitten have a TV show or something? Did I miss something growing up? This was popular when I was a kid and now it’s blowing up. She’s on backpacks, pencils, stationary, and microwaves. Microwaves?! None the less, I am in college and I see my peers with this stuff.
  7. Watch Frozen: I’ve been told the whole plot by everyone ranting and raving about this movie that I don’t even need to see it. I know the ending and the soundtrack is everywhere, what more is there to see or hear?
  8. Learn to Tie My Shoes With One Bunny Ear Instead of Two: This is a personal choice. I don’t need to do something because that’s how “everyone else” does it. My mom said I’m special and that’s all that matters, right?
  9. Tip My Yoga Instructor: Recently my yoga studio has been setting out tip jars with my yoga instructors names on them. It’s really hard for me to pay the amount of money I pay to even be able to take the class, then tip my instructor, and see them drive away in their Audi R8. There are a lot of issues with this concept for me. Sorry not sorry.
  10. Actively seek out a Port-A-Potty: Whoever thought these things were a good idea, should have a space reserved in hell for them. Ewe. They smell, they’re sticky, and when you enter your greeted with a big black pit of the unknown. On a hot summer day; that is not what the doctor ordered.

What’s on your “Chuck-It List”?

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