It's That Time of Year Again (No Not Spring Break): It's Philanthropy Time

Between midterms, working on research papers, that lovely job (or two) of yours who has any time to have fun?

Well, you better make time for all the philanthropies you’re participating in and hosting!

It’s That Time of Year Again (No Not Spring Break): It’s Philanthropy Time

Spring is a busy time and philanthropies only make it busier, but there is always this rewarding feeling of completing a philanthropy, and an even more rewarding feeling when you place in the top 3 of the “competition”. Philanthropies not only raise awareness for each fraternity’s or sorority’s cause but it also raises money along with bringing together a great Greek community. Now as a first year student I believe that I have participated in my fair share of philanthropies already. I did at least two in my first semester in a sorority and this spring semester I have been apart of 3, helped host our own, and still have 2 more to participate in. And these were only the philanthropies that we as a chapter chose to be apart of. There are still so many others that I would LOVE to participate in but don’t have the time or a solid group (or rotating group) of 8 sisters who’d be able to do the events with me.

What I’m really here to talk about is my sorority’s philanthropy.

This year we had our 3rd Annual (we’re still a new chapter on campus) Sigma Sail Off. We raised over $3,000 for the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation and we had a blast with other Greek chapters on campus.

We started off the day at 8 am. Yes I said it 8 am. We were out there bright and early to set up our obstacle course, the cabanas (really just a table where each organization could place their tents) and my favorite thing, the water slide.

Once everything was set up and everyone showed up the festivities began.

We started everything off with our delicious bake sale and our lovely basket raffle with amazing gifts (How about a trip to Disneyland, a Victoria’s Secret basket, or a night out on the town anyone?)

Then the fun stuff began. We had yacht races (not actual yachts, little toy yachts in a kiddie pool). There was an intense water balloon toss where the gentlemen of Alpha Epsilon Pi and Zeta Beta Tau were indestructible and had pretty impressive catching skills to keep their water balloons in tack.

It’s That Time of Year Again (No Not Spring Break): It’s Philanthropy Time

Unfortunately our Sailor obstacle course had to be omitted from our events because our slide deflated (talk about mishaps). But still had our silly synchronized swimming, our relay races in the pool, and of course the Sigma Captain Contest where one man from each organization would dress up in his best nautical wear, walk down the runway, and give a presentation whether a poem, a song, or a little skit, to our alumna judges.

In the end the lovely mean of Zeta Beta Tau won, everyone loved their raffle baskets, and I went down the water slide 5 times wearing denim shorts and my glasses and had a blast! (I also proceeded to hug everyone while soaking wet, including my big who did not want to get wet at all )

Pretty much the main point of this was to have fun with philanthropies. If you have school work to do, do it but don’t forget to support Greek life and their goals in helping out with a little fun and games.

With love as I write this in my English class (don’t worry all my work is done)…

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