7 Lessons I Learned During Sorority Recruitment

This was the first year that I had the opportunity to recruit formally. My sisters kept on telling me horror stories, and – no doubt – I definitely had some horror stories of my own this year, but overall I was able to learn so much about why I chose my sorority.

1. You will be sleep deprived.

I was talking with a potential new member on the second night of recruitment and I swear that my eyes would not stay open. I couldn’t make them work! I was so interested in our conversation, but my body was dead tired.

2. You will cry.

Unfortunately, not everyone can go through all of the rounds and some girls have to be cut. These conversations can and will probably lead to hurt feelings. No sleep and hard conversations can be a lethal combo.

3. People won’t come back to you.

No matter how much I love my sorority, I had to realize that not every girl I talked to was going to come back to us. I was so hurt whenever I saw some names weren’t on our Preference Night list, but I managed to work through those emotions with the help of my sisters.

4. You fall in love with so many potential new members.

I can’t even count the abundance of nice things my chapter had to say about the women who came through our doors. It’s safe to say that we all found people who we really did see ourselves loving as sisters.

5. You can hate people all week, but Bid Day is the best thing ever.

You will be sleepy, angry, and overwhelmed, but Bid Day makes everything better. Seeing all of your hard work pay off is truly immeasurable and wonderful.

6. New member interactions will be awkward.

These girls just ran home to you and were tossed into a sea of chanting and cheering girls. This means that they got pushed to the back and have a few sisters trying to mingle with them to make sure they feel welcomed. They’re super confused and you have to start the “sisterhood” bond from the awkward hellos.

7. Answering the “why” question is really difficult.

I can’t count the number of girls who asked me why I chose my sorority. It was really hard for me to put the answer in words and make it sound like it was actually something important. For me, it was just small things that really made me feel like my sorority was home, but it’s really hard to convey that to someone who may or may not know what you’re talking about.

Overall, recruitment is one of the most stressful times of the year for sorority women, but it is also one of the most rewarding times as well. I count my blessings everyday that I ended up in an amazing organization that is willing to stand by me on both my worst and best days. Recruitment really allowed me to reflect on why I love my sorority and what it has given back to me over the past two years!

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