20 Theme Ideas For Sorority Socials and Mixers

Trying to place a social but can’t think of a theme that hasn’t been used in a while?

1. Heaven & Hell

Angels & Devils. I think that’s all I need to say.

2. CEO’s & Workout Bro’s

A post-grad version of mathletes vs. athletes

3. Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is one of the best holidays. Break out a little black dress and some beads and you’re ready for a good time.

4. Super Heroes

It doesn’t matter if you pick DC or Marvel. This theme is SO much fun.

5. High School Cliques

Dress up like your favorite high school stereotype. The combinations are endless.

6. 80’s Workout

Neon just puts you in the mood for a good time.

7. Bikers & Babes

Cut up Rock band and biker tee’s with leather and denim. Don’t forget your bright red lipstick. This theme is so much fun and the photos look great too.

8. Take the States

Wear a outfit you’d find in your home state or in your favorite state. Dress like Lady Liberty for NYC, cowboy hat an boots for Texas.

9. Birthday Month

Dress like a holiday from your birthday month. Asking someone about their costume is a great way to start a conversation. Plus October birthdays add a fun twist because Halloween gives them unlimited options.

10. Resort Ready

Grab a Hawaiian shirt and lei and you’re ready to go. Dressing like your on the beach is a good way to forget that you’re actually in school.

11. Wear What You Drink

Pick a drink and wear a costume that matches it. Coke, vitamin water, franzia and barefoot moscato are some of my favorites!

12. Librarians & Barbarians

20 Theme Ideas For Sorority Socials and Mixers
It’s Fratsby time

Cardigans and glasses or Wilma from the Flintstones? It doesn’t matter what you pick, a great night is almost certain.

13. Boxers & Boots

The casual theme makes the night super relaxed and the photos turn out super great.

14. Kentucky Derby

Grab a sunhat and dress like you’re off to a day at the races!

15. Dirty Disney

Put a twist on your favorite Disney character.

16. Netflix Night

Get a group of friends and dress like characters from your favorite show. Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black & Bob’s Burgers are all hilarious options.

17. America

Because we love America & what’s better than wearing red, white and blue and letting loose?

18. What Not To Wear

Go big or go home. Find the most hideous outfit possible because when else will you be able to dress like a crazy person? Prepare to laugh at all of the ridiculous and horrific outfits. The photos are priceless.

19. Ancient Greece/Toga

Toga party’s are so cliche but they’re so much fun.

20. Great Fratsby

Okay, so I know that this has been done a lot lately but a little party never hurt nobody. Throw on your favorite black dress a sparkly headband and bright red lipstick and you’re ready for a great night.

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