5 Pieces of Advice for College Freshies

  1. Ask About Your Room: See what you can find out about your new space. If the floors are carpeted or not, if you can hang things on the walls, etc. While those details may not seem super important, it might mean the difference between you bringing a dust pan or using a vacuum to clean your floors.
  2. Go to Events: Typically the first week or so at college is pretty laid back to allow the students to adjust, which makes this the perfect time to get involved in activities and go to as many events as possible. Even if you participate in an event or join a group that isn’t what you thought, that’s okay. College is for learning, and finding out where you want to invest your free time is an important part of the overall college experience.
  3. Write Out Your Schedule: This was something that made y first couple months at college so much easier. I wrote out in a planner what class I had, where it was and at one time every single week. It kept me from stressing over where I was supposed to be and made my life a whole lot simpler in the long run.
  4. Make Friends… and Keep Making Them: You’re going to make friends very quickly at college, but realize that the friends you makes in those first few weeks as school may not be the same friends you then make second semester. Sometimes you befriend people more out of necessity or not wanting to be alone, than because of actual things you have in common.
  5. Respect Your Professors: In other words, don’t be the person who shows up for class to take a quiz and then leaves. Just don’t. If you have questions or concerns, e-mail your professor! Most are pretty reasonable if you just talk to them and as for the ones that aren’t…well, you tried.

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