5 Signs You're in a Post Fall Break Slump

It was the best few days of the semester so far, aka - the days you didn’t have to actually be on campus. But no matter how fantastic your Fall Break was, it’s pretty much just setting you up for regrets until Thanksgiving break in November. Here are five signs you may be in a post Fall Break slump.

  1. You’re missing home… hard core. Whether you got to go home for break, or visited friends or a new city, Fall Break will inevitably make you homesick.
  2. Your stomach feels betrayed. Eating good, non-cafeteria food for a few days can really get you feeling some type of way… as in you’re ready to go home and eat Mom-cooked meals again.
  3. You thought you had it together (or not). Whether you thought you had it together or not, your mid-term grades might make you reconsider the actual importance of a college degree…
  4. The change of scenery spoiled you. Not having to stare out your window at the academic building is a blessing. But getting to look at trees, grass maybe even *gasp* mountains? Priceless.
  5. You remembered what a good night’s sleep was. College basically equals napping, but when break comes around, sleep is the number one priority. And it feels soooo good.

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