Why My Big Is My Role Model (And Yours Probably Is Too)

1. She looks out for me.

Whether its making sure you get home safely from an event, or finding out more about a guy that’s interested in you, Big always has my back…even when I don’t know it.

2. She is beautiful in every possible way.

Not only is she outwardly gorgeous, Big has a beautiful heart, and I am constantly witnessing her kindness and desire to help others.

3. She’s a constant source of encouragement.

Whether it’s sending funny notes, blowing up your phone with Snapchats and texts, or a 4-pack of Starbucks Frappucinos, Big is always there to remind you that you are loved.

4. We’re kind of the same person.

We do the same poses, have a birthmark in the same spot and repeatedly try to talk in different accents while keeping a straight face- I know. It’s kind of awesome.

5.__ Time doesn’t matter.

Even if she’s busy with something, or has to study for a test, Big will often drop everything just to help me…or bring me medicine when I’m in bed sick for 2 days during finals week.

6. She taught me how to do college.

From helping me schedule classes amidst a tornado of panic to making sure I knew what professors to avoid at all costs, Big saved me from a world of trouble.

7. She pushes me.

She wants me to grow and learn and become the best version of myself that I can me, and that in turn makes me want to do better as well.

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