Date Ideas for the "There's Nothing to Do" Couple

You know those days where there’s actually nothing to do with your significant other but you still want to spend time together? Those days when Netflix just isn’t cutting it anymore? Here’s a list of some not so typical (and of course some typical) date ideas for all of us coach potatoes.

  1. Go on a walk. Find a park, a hill, a patch of trees, a lake- just go somewhere together and walk around. Nature is beautiful, if you can deal with the bugs. Psst, you can even hold hands.
  2. Pop some tags. Go around to some local thrift stores and explore. You never know what you might find…maybe you’ll even snag a velour jumpsuit or some house slippers.
  3. Movie under the stars. Google outdoor movies in your area and chances are your local park or county will haven inexpensive showing perfect for date night- like Netflix on steroids.
  4. A trip down memory lane. Go through the photos on your phones together. Who knows what funny stories or memories will come up?
  5. Sunrise, sunset. Get a couple blankets, some snacks and camp out of a hill somewhere to watch the sunset together…then try staying up all night to watch the sunrise too. Challenge accepted.
  6. Bowling. Not revolutionary, but still a good way to spend some time together. Also a plus if your SO is competitive.
  7. Jam sesh. Pick up a guitar and learn some chords. Sing along. Make music. Have fun. And let’s be honest, if your boyfriend is even just holding a guitar it makes him at least 75% cuter than he already is.
  8. Restaurant road trip. Find a unique or nostalgic restaurant within an hour of your area and take a mini road trip out to explore it.
  9. Make dinner together. I’ve done this with my boyfriend, and it was a ton of fun! Make homemade past or ice cream, try out a new recipe or just binge eat cookie dough. Everyone wins.
  10. Cuddle a cat. Visit a pet store or your local SPCA and play with some of the animals there. Whose heart doesn’t melt over an adorable little fur ball?
  11. Bonfire. Build a small bonfire and roast some marshmallows. Add some blankets and now you have the perfect excuse for cuddling.
  12. Sail away. If the weather permits, try renting a canoe and going for a trip around a local lake. Also a fun place to walk around and maybe take some photos.
  13. City livin’. Explore a nearby city. Whether that’s finding new stores and cafes or wandering through a cheesy tourist attraction…or missing your turn five times in a row.
  14. Support the arts. Find a local theatre company and go see a show. Even small community theatre’s host some amazing talent.
  15. Shut up and dance with me. While traditional style dancing like swing and ballroom might seem old-fashioned (cause, well, it kinda is), it’s a ton of fun and a skill most people don’t learn anymore. Find a local dance hall- they probably offer beginner lessons before open dance.

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