Greek Life

Different Letters, Same Pride

Freshman year. You don’t know anyone, everything’s new. When you do make those first few friends while bonding over the unfairness of 8ams and questionable cafeteria dinners, you cling to each other mercilessly as the school year begins. And of course when you go to rush a sorority, you decide to do it together. As you go to rush events and meet sorority girls from different groups, you might discover that even though your friendship is a common bond, you may not be drawn to the same sorority.

Even if you don’t end up in the same sorority, that’s no reason for a friendship to end. Sure, it’ll change a bit, as all friendships do at one point or another, but that’s just a part of life. Having friends in other sororities is actually very important, for a number of reasons.

Greek Unity

You can’t have Greek Unity without other Greek groups, frat or srat. Greek unity is part of what makes Greek life so special; there’s an instant camaraderie when you meet another sorority girl, and that bond stretches across school and state lines.


Having friends in other sororities can help you gain a new perspective of present issues, whether that’s a different view of sisterhood or admiration for what they were able to accomplish together. It also keeps you from becoming too exclusively focused on your own sisters.

Better with Letters

Having other similar groups surrounding your own can push everyone to work harder and achieve more There’s an element of competition, and as long as the groups in question maintain a level of maturity, a little good-matured rivalry never hurt anyone.

Having friends in different sororities will give you a broader perspective of Greek life as a whole. Let’s hear it for Greek Unity!

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