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Legacies of Sisterhood: What It's Like When Alumnae Come Home

This past homecoming weekend, my sorority celebrated a milestone anniversary. On top of all the typical craziness of being in a sorority during homecoming, (i.e. pomping for your float until your fingers bleed), we hosted a huge semi-formal dinner for all our actives and returning alumnae.

Legacies of Sisterhood: What It’s Like When Alumnae Come Home

It was an amazing weekend. I got to meet so many past actives and hear their stories about pledge and their years in the sorority. There’s so many great things that happen when alumnae return home and these are a few that really stuck out to me.

  1. Bonds of Sisterhood: Nothing struck me so much as the bonds of sisterhood that the alumnae still had. It didn’t matter if they’d only seen each other a few times since graduating or still spoke on a daily basis, the love and friendship was still there and as real as it was during their college years.
  2. Those Family Lines Though: I don’t know that’s there’s anything cooler to a sorority girl then getting to meet someone in your family line. This past weekend I got to meet my Big to the 5th and my Big to the 6th for the first time, and I’d prefer that over meeting over a celebrity any day.
  3. Glad I Didn’t Pledge in the 80’s: One thing we did at our anniversary dinner was have an open mic time where people could share stories and different memories from their years in Greek life. The stories our alumnae told had us gasping and laughing and every emotion in between. It was neat to see how things have changed in the sorority over the years.

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