Greek Life

My Sisters Inspire: Here's Why

One of the best compliments I think I’ve ever received was that seeing me in my sorority made someone else want to join a sorority at their own school.

I had quite a few friends at school other than my own that were not interested in Greek life freshman year. However, going back sophomore year their views have changed quite a bit. A couple of my friends had asked me about my letters, and mentioned to me that seeing how happy I looked in my sorority made them want to go through rush once they got back for sophomore year.

This made me so incredibly happy. Probably the best decision I’ve made at college was to rush, and every day I spend with my sisters I am reminded of how truly blessed I am to be part of this amazing sisterhood.

When you join a sorority, you’re getting so much more than just people to hang out with, or a new place to live; you are gaining an entire family. My sisters have given me more love than I could ever return. I know that whether I’ve had just a tough week, have to make a possibly life-altering decision or even need a ride to the airport at 3am (yes, this has happened…), they will be there for me.

My sisters inspire me with their passion for what they love. They inspire others by the way they care about me and each other.

And that’s some pretty awesome stuff.

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